Moon In Taurus Sign

      Moon in Taurus Sign

1) Moon is the Queen of planet in the Royal Court of planet and Taurus sign is the 2nd sign of natural zodiac system. So before we get knowledge about Moon in Taurus we have to know about Moon and Taurus sign from above link. Again Moon is placed in 2nd house of kalpurush Taurus which is also excellent sign of Moon so we have to know about impact of Moon in 2nd house. As Moon have 4th house lordship in kalpurush and it is placed in 2nd house of kalpurush so we have to know about 4th house lord in 2nd house.


2) After reading from above articles we know from different classical astrology book regarding Moon in Taurus sign.


व्यूढोरस्कोअ्तिदाता घनकुटिलकचः कामुकः कीर्तिशाली
कान्तः कन्याप्रजावान् वृषसमनयनो हंसलीला प्रचारः।
मध्यान्ते भोगभागी पृथुकटिचरणस्कन्धजान्वास्वजड़्धः
साड़्क पाश्र्वास्यपृष्ठे काकुदि शुभगति: क्षान्तियुक्तो गवीन्दौ।

General meaning of this shlok is when Moon in Taurus at birth chart Native will be large hearted and very charitable. Native have curled hair and sexual in nature. He is famous and brilliants from face. Native have more female in family or having more daughters. Native have eyes just like bull. Native is very skilled in differentiating(good and bad) matters just like goose(Hans) have ability to differentiate between water and milk.
Native will gets materialistic happiness in the middle part of his life. Native may have some identity mark(til, nishan etc) in side of  back part of body. Native have strong waist, feet, shoulders, face, thighs, etc. Native have good in speaking and walk beautifully or gets shubhgati(traditional hindi words). Native is full with passions.

Brihat Jatakam
कान्तः खेलगतिः पृथूरुवदनः पृष्ठास्यपाश्र्वांकितःस्त्यागी क्लेशसह प्रभुः ककुदवान् कन्याप्रजः श्लेष्मलः।
पूर्वेर्बन्धुधनात्मजैर्विरहतिः सौभाग्ययुक्तः क्षमी दीप्ताग्निः प्रमदाप्रिय: स्थिरसुहृन्मधयान्त्यसौख्यौ गवि।।

Moon in Taurus in birth time native will be charming, active or playful walk,long thighs and face, mark on side ways of back of body, liberal,  tolerating harassment, possessing paraphemalia, be getting more girls, suffering from phlegmatic disease, separation from elders, relatives, family, wealth and children; fortunated, patient, strong digestive fire, loved by women or sexual, having steady friendship,  and happy in middle end of his life.

Moon in Taurus in birth chart Native will be a proud and lucky man who has a good wife. Native’s speach is humorous but scanty. A glorious person who eats a lot and dressed well. A man who have good people, property and household.
One whose business enterprise, wealth, and character are firm. A well known man whose friends and allies are steadfast . A generous person who knows about what is serious and divine. An obedient person who is friendly to saints (sadhu).
A pure and grateful man who is delights in forgiveness and truth. An intelligent person who has little to do with coquetry or a hero who endures many cares. An expert in Sexual intercourse who desires to  copulate with base women.
A man dear to King who longs for wife and sons, a greedy person who desires to accumulate and protect money. One whose body is fat, erect, and round in every part. A deep voice man who is the first in his family.
A man whose ear hollows, eyes and mouth look like a bull, a black man whose hair is thick and curly. One who acts whim’s, pleasure and manners are base, a man producing fears in others and arguing with the best men.


3) Moon is karak of mind and it is placed in a fixed and earthy sign Taurus which is also excellent and mool trikona sign of Moon. So native may be practical from mind, fixed minded or in other ways control fickle nature of Moon. Native may be very passionate or some time ziddi or adiyal. Moon is a water elements planet and placed in earthy sign so it may cause kapha dosh( earth +water = kapha).

4) Moon is natural karak of body looks/appearance or daih(देह) so Moon in Taurus sign indicating native body looks have impact of Taurus natural significant. That’s why all sage suggested Moon in Taurus sign indicating native will be looks like bull such as lookness of eyes, ears and face. Native have strong body constitution. Native will be very hard worker.

5)Taurus is 2nd house sign of kalpurush who governs face of kalpurush so Moon in Taurus sign indicating native face is charming just like Moon according to Moon pakshbal . But native must have natural charms on his face. As Moon belong to shyam(black) colour so it may be native will be shyam colour (may be changed according to chart to chart depending on situations of 1st and 2nd house ).

6)Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 2nd house of kalpurush which is also excellent sign of kalpurush so native will be get happiness in his life and he also gets happiness of wealth.

7)Moon is placed in 2nd house sign of kalpurush which belong to speech and Moon is placed in excellent sign which is consider also good by placement for Taurus sign so native is expert in speech and also have good words power. But as Moon is placed in Taurus so native speech have Moon impact such as scanty or sentimental in speaking.

8)2nd house belong to family and moon is consider female by gender so it may possible native have more female members.

9)Moon is natural karak for food and it is placed in 2nd house of kalpurush(Taurus sign) which is also karak house of food and Moon is placed in very good sign so native don’t worries regarding their food.

10) As Moon is placed in Taurus sign so it may be possible native is very good or natural learner regarding oral education or oral quality.

11) As Moon is excellent so native may be more attached to mother and motherland.

12)Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush chart and it is excellent so as 4th house lord is excellent so it can be assume native gets happiness and pleasure in his life. As it is excellent in 2nd house of kalpurush so native gets happiness of wealth. Native expenses his wealth for getting conveniences.

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