Moon In Sagittarius Sign

        Moon In Sagittarius Sign

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in Sagittarius Sign first we have to know about Moon the Queen of planet and Sagittarius Sign. As Moon is placed in 9th house of kalpurush so just look up Moon in 9th house. Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 9th house of kalpurush so you may read 4th house lord in 9th house. If you consider Moon horoscope then here Moon is 8th house lord and placed in 1st house so you may read 8th house lord in 1st house.

2) Now let’s we check astrology classical book regarding Moon in Sagittarius.

Brihat Jatakam

व्यायदीर्धास्यशिरोधरः पितृधनस्त्यागी कविवीर्यवान्
वक्ता स्थूलरदरश्चवाधरनसः कर्मोद्यतः शिल्पवित् ।
कुब्जांस कुनखी समांसलभुजः प्रागल्भयवान् धर्मविद्
बन्धुद्विट् न बलोत्समेति च वंश साम्नैकसाध्योअ्श्वजः।।

Moon in Sagittarius Sign in birthchart native will have  large face and neck. He will gets wealth of father. He will be a sacrificer or liberal in nature. He will be poet and having good strength. He will be good speaker. He will have  thick teeth, ears, lips, and nose. He will be very active in works. He will be just like shipikar or having good knowledge of fine arts. He will have bent shoulder and deform nails. He will have strong and muscular muscusls of arms. He is very intelligent and having good knowledge of religion. He will hates his relatives. He doesn’t control by any body through physical force. He may controlling by fair or kind words.

कुब्जाड़्गो वृत्तनेत्रः पृथुहृदयकटिः पीनबाहुः प्रवक्ता
दीर्धासो दीर्धकण्ठो जलतटवसतिः शिल्पविद् गुढ्विज्ञः।
शूरो हृष्टोअ्स्थिसारो विततबहुबलः स्थूलकण्ठीष्धोणो
बन्धुस्नेही कृतज्ञो धनुषि शशिधरे सेहताड़्ध्रिः प्रगल्भः।।

Moon in Sagittarius Sign in birthchart native will have hunch body limbs and round eyes. He will be big from heart. He will have large hands and big waist. He will be good speaker. He will have large shoulder and neck. He will live in bank of watery area. He will experts in fine arts and scholar in secret science or knowledge. He will be brave. He will have strong bones. He have good muscular power. He have thick neck, lips and nose. He loves his relatives. He is a grateful person and very intelligent.

The Moon in Sagittarius produces who have high morality. He will get honoured by the king. He is pure from heart. He is truthful speaker. He is a courteous hero. He will be prosperous and rich person. Sagittarius Moon Native will be devoted to the elders and to the
He will be a glorious person whose  relatives, wealth, and virtue are renowned. He is honest and grateful man. He will be bold in actions. He will get popularity by self efforts. He will be endowed with the qualities of steadfastness, strength, intelligence, cleverness, and pomp.
52. a man who is superior in the rules relating to such things as poetry, business, craftsmanship, of
stones, learning, sacrifices, vows, and worship; a generous person fond of righteousness (dharma)
and hard to assail; one who does as he pleases and is irresistible to others;
He is strong in physical power, sweet and kind in nature. He will be proud man who likes to be protective and has a fierce temper. He is active just like a horse. He will have and large head and fatty in constitution. He will be a well dressed man.
He will not happiness of wives or sons. He will be laugh terribly. He will be found of drinking.  His mind is engrossed in fighting. He will be knows how to use his strength and who speaks fearlessly. He will be
impetuous person and fond of women.

शूरः सत्यधिया युक्तः सात्विको जननन्दनः।
शिल्पविज्ञानसम्पन्नौ धनाढ़यो दिव्यभार्यकः।
मानी चरित्रसम्पन्नौ ललिताक्षर भाषकः।
तेजस्वी स्थूलदेहश्च धनुर्जातः कुलान्तकः।

When Moon in Sagittarius Sign in birthchart native will be brave and full with truthfulness from budhi. He will be sattvic and leader or popular within mass. He will experts in fine arts. He will be rich and having a beautiful or divine wife. He will have good honor or proud man. He will have good moral character. He will speaker who speaking very good words. He will be glorious man. He will have fatty body. He may be terrible for his kool(कुल).

3) In my opinion
Sagittarius Moon sign native are philosopher and broad Minded. He have a great sense of humour. He will be clear thoughts. He will be truthful and harsh in argument. He will be great listeners and great speaker. He may be hurtful speaker and excessively frank. He will be modest and getting angry quickly. He is Inflexible behavior. He will be good learner. He will be ambitious and religious. He is spiritual and optimistic. He will have aimed towards their lakshya. He will be experimental and adventures by nature. He may be lucky. He may be popular in own circle. They don’t open their emotions. They are natural leaders and Independence by nature. They are lucky regarding wealth matters.

4)Moon is karak of Mind and it is placed in dual and firecy sign Sagittarius native may be firecy and moody by temper.

5) Moon is karak of roop and it is placed in Sagittarius sign so native roop have impact of Sagittarius natural significant. So native may be fatty by roop or fatty in lookness.

6)Moon in Sagittarius sign native may be suffering from pitta dosh.

7)Sagittarius sign symbol indicating a man who is aimed by bow so Sagittarius moon native may be always aimed on their lakshya. Also they are sattvic by gun as both Moon and Sagittarius are sattvic by nature.

8) Sagittarius moon sign are generally fortunate. It may be due to Lord of 4th house which belong to happiness placed in 9th house sign of kalpurush which is belong fortune and prosperity.

9)Native may be respectful regarding father and guru and religious by mind. He gets well knowledge of sastra. This may be due to Moon in 9th house of kalpurush.

10)9th Moon aspects on 3rd house which make native brave and inclination regarding dancing or arts, may be knowledge of cooking or “lalit kala”. Native may have full mental capacity and knowledge or intelligence. Apart from this Kshatriya Varna of Sagittarius helpful in improving this type of quality.

11) As per as you read in my above mentioned article 4th house Lord in 9th house so

4th lord is placed 6th from own house so native may be suffering from frustrations. Native don’t have satisfaction regarding own achievement. Actually 4th house is 6th from 11th house of desire and placed in bhavat bhavam of 11th house means 11th from 11th means 9th house. So native have many immoral desires. He may suffering from mentally frustrations for getting his immoral desires.

So if we apply this for Sagittarius moon sign it may seems true.

12) If we consider Moon horoscope where Moon is 8th house lord and placed in 1st house so native is gambler from mind. It may also possible native may be criticizer from mind but his crizism may have philosopher touch.

13)If you want to know more about Moon then read this link.

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