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Effect Of Different Awastha Of Ketu

Effect Of Different Awastha Of Ketu 

1) Shyan Awastha – When Ketu in Shyan awastha, in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and virgo, ketu may cause prosperity of wealth.  If ketu in another sign then it may cause disease. 

2) Upvaishan awastha – When Ketu in Upvaishan awastha, Native will be suffering from skin related issues. He has fear from enemies, Vatta related dosh, kings, wild animals, and thieves.

3) Naitrapani Awastha –  When Ketu in Naitrapani Awastha, Native will be suffering from eyes related issues. He has fear from wicked man, snacks etc, enemies and royal family. 

4) Prakashan Awastha – When Ketu in Prakashan Awastha, Native will be always rich and religious. He will be always in traveling. He will be energetic, satvic and Servant of king. 

5) Gaman Awastha –  When Ketu in Gaman Awastha, Native has many kids and great wealth. He is virtuous, scholar, charitable and best person.

6) Agaman Awastha – When Ketu in Agaman awastha, Native will has many sorts of diseases. He may be suffering from loss of wealth. He has dental problems and great disease. He may be talebearer and criticiser of others. 

7) Sabhavas Awastha –  When Ketu in Sabhavas Awastha, Native will be talkative, huge proud, cheep in expense, rowdy and expert in making frauds. 

8)Aagam Awastha – When Ketu in aagam Awastha, Native will be inclined towards sinful acts. He may be involving in dispute with his relatives. He may be suffering from enemies, wicked man and diseases. 

9) Bhojan Awastha – When Ketu in Bhojan Awastha, Native will be always suffering from hunger. He may be poor and suffering from disease. He may be wandering useless. 

10) Nrityalipsa awastha – When​ Ketu in Nrityalipsa awastha, he may be suffering regarding disability of body limbs due to disease. His eyes will be fickle. He will be very rigid and fraudulent. He may always proves destructive due to his acts. 

11) Kautuk Awastha – When Ketu in Kautuk Awastha, then he will be interested in drama queen or such type of lady. He may be fall from his status. He will has bad habits. He may be poor and wandering. 

12) Nindra Awastha – When Ketu in Nindra Awastha, Native will be has happiness of money and foods. He may has many sorts of good qualities.

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