Moon In Aries Sign

Moon In Aries Sign

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in Aries sign we have to know about Moon and Aries sign. As Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 1st house of kalpurush so you may read 4th house lord in 1st house and Moon in 1st house.

2)Let’s we know from different classical book of astrology about Moon in Aries sign


Moon in Aries native will be brave leader, a famous man with many wives, sons, servants and relatives,
a voracious person but one who is liberal and mighty.
Native will be quick and powerful & wrathful and who has a terrible arms, one whose favor is temporal and character is unsteady.
A bold man who wanders on the road and loves women, one whose younger brother may died but who fears his older brothers and relatives.
A well dressed man who gains and then loses but who obtained wealth, a rich and glorious person whose words are loud and clear, a force man dear to the king who is hard to attack . A man who is cleaver in business and whose friends and relatives are unreliable.
A man of not looking good (pale fellow) but having good strength and terrible appearance, one who looks like a ram and has a round head, mouth and eyes. A man whose body is distorted, whose cheeks are thin and whose feet are small, one having disheveled hair and uneven eyes and teeth.
A fearless man rejoicing in battle, one who is not at ease among women. A man having ugly nails and fingers, a man whose body is tormented by disease of teeth & eyes and by pains connected with blood(such as cuts) and urine, by positions, fire and wind and by wounds.

Moon in Aries sign in birth chart Native will have golden colour body. Native will be blessing with lasting or steady wealth. Native will be devoid from co-born. Native will be good man who is courageous and self-respected.
Native will be sensual and liberal man. He have ugly nails little hairs and fickle by nature. Native is respectful like wealthy man.
Native hands and legs looks likes lotus red. Native will be blessing with wealth, sons and servants. Native will have round eyes.
Native will be friendly in nature and suffering fears from watery place. Native will be deform head or head may be wounded. Native will be a person who gets victory over females.

Brihat Jatakam
Moon in Aries sign in birth chart Native will have round and red eyes like copper. Native will be eating hot and light foods and fond of grains. He will be traveler, sensual, and temperament but easily cool down. He will have weak knees and not steady wealth. He will be courageous and liked by women. Native will have good servants. He will have bad nails and cut or wound in the head. Native will have self respect or having honoured. Native will be chief among brother or always in front line among all siblings. Native will have shakti rekha(शक्तिरेखा) on plam. He will be very fickle(अतिचपल). Native may be fears from water.


3) Moon is karak of mind and it is placed in a Movable sign Aries so Moon which is fickle by nature become more unstable means native mind is not steady or stable. His behavior may be very changeable. It may possible he don’t be stay on a work for long time.

4)Aries is fire element sign and Moon is watery element planet so native may be suffering from Pitta related problems. If Moon is affiliated in Aries sign then it may cause wounds on head because Aries rules head of kalpurush.  Apart from this Moon in fiery sign indicating fears from water which may indicating fears regarding watery place or water elements related disease.

5) Moon in sign on Mars which is lord of action indicating native is very quicker from mind. He is very active in actions means don’t waste time in thinking. So they may be a person who thinks and works simultaneously. The negative impact of this may be possible on their works quality such as foolishness in work. In short words Aries Moon sign Native will be always inclination towards quick response. Apart from this they are physically strength from mental plane.

6)If we consider Chandra kundali where Moon is 4th house lord and placed in 1st house then possible impact on native may be native may gets happiness of servants, friends, relatives and other materialistic happiness. But as this is from Moon horoscope then native may gets results in mental plane. It’s mean native mentally enjoying happiness of servants and relatives.

7)Other impact of this Aries Moon sign Native always have inclination towards teach others. They have mentally fit for giving suggestions to others or educate others. Native may be fully energetic guys.

8)Moon is natural karak of daih(देह) or physical beauty of body so Moon in Aries sign indicating native may have impact of Aries natural significant on physical beauty of body. Such as native may be reddish in body looks. If Moon in affiliated in Aries signs then it may cause wounds on head as Aries rules head and Aries lord Mars rules wounds.

9)Moon in Mars sign indicating native may be sexuly actives from mind. All ancients books also indicating this through different different words.

10)Mars is karak of braveness so Moon in Mars sign indicating native may be brave and aries also indicating forwardness so Moon in Mars sign indicating native may be brave and always shows his braveness in forward position.

11)Aries Moon sign Native may be suffering regarding younger siblings happiness such as brother may lives away from him or mentality disattached with younger siblings. If badly affiliated Aries sign then it may cause loss of younger. All this conception is based on ancient classical book. Brihat Jatakam suggests that native will be just like elders among all siblings.

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