Moon In Capricorn

Moon In Capricorn

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in Capricorn Sign first we have to know about Moon the queen and  Capricorn Sign. As Moon is placed in 10th house of kalpurush so you may read Moon in 10th house. As Moon is 4th house lord and placed in 10th house so you may read 4th house lord in 10th house. If we consider Moon horoscope for Capricorn Moon Sign then 7th house lord is placed in 1st house so you may read 7th house lord in 1st house.

2)Let’s we know from astrological classical book regarding Moon in Capricorn Sign

Brihat Jatakam
नित्यं लालयति स्वदारतनयान् धर्मध्वजोअ्धः कृशः
स्वक्षः क्षामकटिर् गृहीतवचनः सौभाग्ययुक्तोअ्लसः।
शीतालुर् मनुजोअ्टनश्च मकरे सात्त्वाधिकः काव्यकृल्
लुब्धोर् अ्गम्यजरांगनासु निरतः सन्त्यक्तलज्जोअ्धृणः।।
When Moon in Capricorn in birthchart native will have inclination to give happiness of his wife and kids. He will be creating pomp in the name of religion. His lower half is lean by body constitution. His eyes are beautiful. His waist is lean. He will be intelligent in caching speech of other. He will be fortunate and lazy in nature. He will be suffering from cold related issues. He will be traveller. He will have more liberal. He will be learned of literature
He will be greedy and Incestuous. He will have sexual inclination towards old women. He will be shameless and merciless.

कुले नष्टो वशः स्त्रीणां पण्डितः परिवादकः।
गीतज्ञः ललिताग्राह्यो पुत्राढयो मातृवत्सलः।।
धनी त्यागी सुभृत्यश्च दयालुर्बहुबान्धवः।
परिचिन्तितसौख्यश्च मकरे जायते नरः।।
When Moon in Capricorn Sign in birthchart native will be in bad position within his ancestry. He will be in whip-hand of women. He will be learned man and having habits of criticizing. He will have knowledge of music and popular within beautiful women. He will have many sons and dear of his mother. He will be rich and sacrificer man. He will have best servants. He will be kind and having many relatives. He will be in tension for his comfort and happiness.

गीतज्ञः शीतभीरुः पृथुलत्तरशिराः सत्यधर्मोक्सेवी
प्रांशुः ख्यातोअ्ल्परोषो मनसिभवयुतो निर्धृणस्त्यक्तलज्जः।
चार्वक्षः क्षामदेहो गुरुयुवतिरतः सत्कविर् वृतजंधो
मन्दोत्साहोअ्तिलुब्धः शशिनि मकरगे दीर्धकण्ठोअ्तिकर्णः।।
When Moon in Capricorn Sign in birthchart native will have knowledge of music. He will have fear from cold. He will have broad head. He will be found of truth and religious activities. He will be important and famous person. He will have limited fury from mind. He will not kind and will be shameless. He will have beautiful eyes but lean body. He will be in sexual relationship with old women. He will be true poet and having round thighs. He will have less excitement. He is very greedy. He will have long neck and large ears.


The Moon in Capricorn produces a man who delights in woods, forests, and lakes; a well dressed person who rejoices in singing and laughter; a famous person desiring sexual intercourse with other men’s wives
He will be a noble man fond of good righteousness (dharma), crafts, sacred traditions (sruti), perfumes,
garlands, baths, and enjoyments; a wanderer who obtains happiness from that; one who is curious
about everything.
He will be a fickle person who prattles lies; a man with a throng of numerous friends, sons, and servants; one who has many movable possessions; a person whose anger does not last long; a man desiring glory who is fond of his relatives’ money.
He will be suffer from the cold; he will be handsome man dear to noble people; one who longs for battle,
and whose words are proclaimed with a smile; an honorable man who is noble with his beauty, strength, and power; a good-looking person who is patient and learned in sacred traditions (sruti).
He will be tormented by such thing as diseases of the heart, the cold, fevers, wind, fainting spells, loss of virility, illness, sickness, and distress; a man afflicted moreover by diseases and illnesses caused by cold and wounds.

3)In my views
Capricorn Moon sign native will be  strict and disciplined by nature. They are hard working man but slow in working. They are non- compromiser but practical. They are conservative and having good negotiating power. They are faithful and methodical. They are reliable and don’t like nonsense. They are devotional. They will be selfish moody and strict privacy lover. They are critisizer, reserved and having strong will power.

4) Moon is karak of mind and it is placed in Capricorn Sign which is movable, earthly which also contains some water quality. So native may be moody but practical from mind.

5) Moon is watery planet and Capricorn Sign is earthly sign. So it may cause kapha related problems. Because Earth and water elements may cause kapha related problems. Apart from this they may be suffering from Vatta related problems.

6)Moon is placed in 10th house of kalpurush so native will be respectful nature and showing respect regarding others.

7) Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 10th house of kalpurush so Capricorn Moon sign native have great impact of his mother in his lifepath. Native don’t impress by others thoughts. One other impact on native is they are always inclined towards getting happiness through his karma.

8)Moon horoscope for Capricorn Moon sign native indicating native may be sensual from mind because 7th house lord Moon placed in 1st house. They are promoting ownself by his nature.

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