Moon In Scorpio Sign

Moon In Scorpion sign
1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in Scorpion first we have to know about Queen of Planet Moon and Scorpion Sign. Again Moon is placed in 8th house of kalpurush so you may just checked Moon in Eight House. Now Scorpion is 8th house sign of kalpurush and its occupy 4th house lord Moon so you may read 4th house lord in 8th house. If we consider Moon horoscope then Moon is 9th house lord which is placed in 1st house so you may read 9th house lord in 1st house.

2) Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Moon is Scorpion so

Brihat Jatkam
पृथुलनयनवक्षा वृत्तजड़्घोरजानुर्
जनकगुरुवियुक्तः  शैशवे व्याधितश्च ।
नरपतिकुलपूज्यः पिड़्गलः क्रूरचेष्टो

Moon in Scorpion in birth chart Native will have broad eyes and chest. He will have round shaped knees, buttocks and thighs. He will away from parents and guru. He will suffering from disease in his childhood. He will gets honour through royal families. His body look is yellowish. He will be cruel from behavior or activities. His palm of legpalm have mark of fish, vraja,or birds. He will secretly doing paap karma or sinful acts.

लुब्धो वृत्तोरुजड़्घः कठिनतरतनुर् नास्तिकः क्रूरचेष्टः।
चोरोबाल्ये रुगार्तो हृतचिबुकनखश्चीरुनेत्र समृद्धः।
कर्मोद्युक्तः प्रदक्षः परयुवतिरतो बन्धुहीनः प्रमतः।
चण्डो राज्ञा हृतस्वः पृथुजठरशिऱाः कीटभेशीतरश्मौ।।

Moon in Scorpion in birth horoscope Native will be greedy in nature. He will have round shaped thighs. His body constitution is hard means don’t soft body skin. He will be Nastik or disbelievers of God. He will be cruel in acts. He will be thief in childhood and also suffering disease in childhood. He have deformed chibouk(ठोड़ी) and nails. But his eyes is beautiful. He will gets prosperity. He will always ready for work. He will be skilful. He will be sexual intention in other women. He will be devoid from relatives. He don’t be passionate. He will be ardent. He will loss his money due to King’s order. He will have broad abdomen and head.

The Moon in Scorpio produces a prosperous and bold man; a famous man who is honored by the lord of good men; a cruel and fierce man who desires to kill others.
He will be an intelligent person, harsh, jealous, and impatient of insult; a firm and self-controlled man who is resolute in his actions; an expert in the meaning of the sciences, instruction, sacred traditions (sruti), crafts, service, working with minerals, spells, and medicine.
He will be a man who is struck by disease in his youth and whose hoard is destroyed, or whose father, mother and older brother predecease him; a man who is impure because of such things as stealing, envy, lying, roguery, trickery, cruelty, and anger.
He will be a who lives off of others and is confused in his actions; a greedy person who is fond of making love to other men’s wives; a despondent man who looks like a scorpion; one whose trunk is broad, fat, and full-grown.
He will be a handsome and glorious man who can endure misery; one who is devious in his actions and is tricky; a man generous in a moment whose limbs are wounded and weak; one who worships those who are receptacles of the best qualities.

3)In My views
Scorpion Moon Sign native are generally brave from mind. They may be emotional but also be passionate. They may be sincere in behavior. They have very sharp sense. Scorpion moon sign native will be, genuine, honest and truthful. They are good creative capacity and also good strategies maker. They are jealous and easy to turn serious from behavior. They are short temper and emotionally violent. They are rough in speech(due to their truthfulness) and  shameless in promoting own self. They are very good hard workers and don’t hesitating in jobs. They are  hard workers regarding their motive. They will be suspicious in nature. They have hidden secrets and don’t easily open his secrets to any one untill they believed him. They don’t satisfied in any matter easily until they don’t get all hidden matter. They believes in root finding of any matters. They are checker regarding any matter(just like Examiner). They are love to learn from other and always want answer from others but don’t love to answer other. They are always get faithful friend due to their nature. They may prove very dangerous enemy to other. They are just emotional violence maker and self-destructive due to own work or emotional action. They may be more violent when getting anger. They are abilities to making gain through today loss. They are repellent to opposite sex. They are rituals lover and soft hearted except his cruel acts.

4)Now let’s we try to understand the logic behind above prediction
Moon is a watery planet and placed in watery sign so native mind have more impact of water natural quality. So they are emotional from mind. As scorpion is fixed sign so native is passionate but emotional and his emotion has very fixed way. Scorpion have a tail which is indicating just like sensor for him which indicating native is sharp sense and power of guessing from upcoming events. This makes him protective and violentic.

5) Scorpion native generally suffering from Kapha related problems. As Scorpio belong to kapha dosh and moon is also a watery planet. As Moon belong to blood and it is in debilitating sign so it may cause problems related to blood.

6) Moon in 8th house of kalpurush indicating they have suspicious mind or suffering from confusion. They are intelligent but their suspicious mind don’t give full efficiency of his intelligencency. They are naturally inclination towards secret world from mind. They may be suffering from mental stress. 8th house is 12th from 9th house regarding Dharma so Scorpion Moon native are disbelievers of God or believes in new thoughts of God or very spiritual from Mind( I think this may differ according to Sun who is the supreme and visible God).

7)Moon in Scorpion indicating native will be shameless in speaking. Moon is karak of mother and placed in 8th house of kalpurush so it may cause problems related to mother. In same manner 4th house lord in 8th house indicating problems regarding father and guru. But all this depending on horoscope and there natural significant.

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