Moon In Aquarius Sign

Moon In Aquarius Sign

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in Aquarius Sign first we have to know about Moon the queen and Aquarius Sign. As Aquarius Sign is 11th house sign of kalpurush so you may read Moon in 11th house. Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 11th house so you may read 4th house lord in 11th house. If we look moon horoscope for Aquarius Moon sign native then Moon is 6th house lord and placed in 1st house house so you may just checked 6th house lord in 1st house.

2)Now let’s we look for classical regarding Aquarius Moon sign.

उद्धोणो रुक्षदेहेः पृथुकरचरणो मधपानप्रसक्तः।
सद्द्वेष्यो धर्महीनः परसुतजनकः स्थूलमूर्धा कुनेत्रः।
शाठयालस्थाभिभूतो विपुलमुखकटिः शिल्पविद्यासमेतो।
दुःशीलो दुःखतप्तोघटभमुपगते रात्रिनाथे दरिद्रः ।

Moon in aquarius in birthchart native will have elevated nose but rough body. He will have broad hands and legs. He will be addicted to drinking. He will be jealous. He will not  in the path of Dharma. He will be produce children for other man. He will have stout head and deform eyes. He will interested in going bad place where socially bad acts are performed. He will have bright face and prominent waist. He will be experts in fine arts. He will have bad character and will gets sorrow. He will be poor.

Brihat Jatakam
करभगलः शिरालुः खरलोमेशदीर्धतनुः
परवनितार्थपापनिरतः क्षयवृद्धियुतः
प्रियकुसुमानुलेपनसुहृद् घटजोअ्ध्वसहः।।

When Moon in Aquarius Sign in birthchart native will have long neck just like camel. His veins are visible in his body. His body skin is rough and with very thin haired but body constitution is large. He will have broad legs, thighs, buttocks, back, waist and face. He will be fool. He will be interested in others wife and wealth and doing sinful acts. He will be suffering from financial up&down in his life. He will be fond of flowers and perfume. He will have good friends or surrounding by good friends. He will be suffering from fatigue from his way of life.


दातालसः कृतज्ञश्च गजवाजिधनेश्वरः।
शुभदृष्टिः सदा सौम्यो धनविद्याकृतोद्यमः।।
पुण्याढयः स्नेहकीर्तिश्च धनलोभी स्वशक्तितः।
शालूरकुक्षिनिर्भिकः कुम्भे जातो भवेन्नरः।।

When Moon In Aquarius Sign in birthchart native will be charitable but lazy. He will be grateful and lord of elephants, horse and many types wealth. He will have auspicious sights and always liberal. He will be inclination to getting wealth and skills or vidhya. He will be endorsed by Punya. He will show good affection and he will get fame. He will enjoying his wealth through own self efforts. His abdominal is just like frog and he will be brave man.

The Moon in Aquarius produces a weak man who is poor and dependent on other. He will be angry man who has very little happiness. He will loses his obtain money. He will physically serve another man’s wife. His dressing sense is very poor and who is slanden the origins of others.
He will be attached to lower class women. He will be inclined towards gambling. He will show jealousy to others. He is expert in blaming others, tricks, and attending death functions.
He is owner of many enterprises. He will be not helping in nature. He hates his relatives and cheats his elders.
He is intelligent person but he will away from the path of dharma. He will be cheater by character and same time secretive by nature. He will be a man who serves the world, but is beyond affection. His friends are undesired and destroyed by character.
He is a frustrated person who gives presents to those who are kind to him. He is grateful and trembling man who is unable to carry burdens. He will be a man whose efforts are insignificant and whose speech is soft and slow. His nose and ears are pointed upwards. He will criticized by the king.
He will be afflicted by diseases of the heart, winds, sicknesses, and diseases of the genitals. He will suffering by hunger and tiredness. His  wealth will be destroyed by his enemies and rivals. He will be a man who is always struck by such miseries as insensibility.

3)In My view Aquarius Moon sign native are spiritual from mind. They are serious by nature and having imaginative mind. They have hidden character and analytic minded means he try to analyzing any matters. They are expandive in all matters. His friends belong to higher status and also very good in friend making. He will loves traditional religious value. He will be naturally  travel lover. He will be progressive  minded person. He will be modern and  practical but cold and without emotion from behavior. He will be kind by nature. He will be attractive and personal freedom lover from behavior. He will be travel lover. He will be interested in women.

4)Moon is karak of Mind and placed in Aquarius Sign which is airy by nature which means native may be active from mind. But Aquarius is also fixed sign so native may be fixed mental attitude. It is actually makes Aquarius Moon sign native analytic of any matters. As Aquarius Sign is fully materialistic by nature so Aquarius Moon Sign native is fully money minded. They are shameless and active in money making.

5) Genraly they may be suffering from kapha and Vatta related problems.

6)Moon in 11th house of kalpurush chart indicating native may be attractive by roop and good in friend making and obtaining higher status friend.

7)Moon in Aquarius Sign may not consider good regarding mother. Native mother may be fond of money.

8) Aquarius Moon Sign native have many hidden sexual desires.

9)If we consider Moon horoscope for Aquarius Moon Sign native then Moon is 6th house lord placed in 1st house which indicating they may be suffering from mental stress or having sinful by mentality or quarrelsome by mind. It is also indicating native may be argumentive from mind. Enemy may give him mentel stress.

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