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Effect Of Different Awastha Of Rahu

Effect Of Different Awastha Of Rahu 

1) Shyan Awastha – When Rahu in Shyan awastha in horoscope, Native will be always suffering from big sorrows and difficulties. 

If Rahu in Gemini, leo, Virgo and Taurus then native has all sorts of materialistic happiness. 

2) Upvaishan Awastha – When Rahu in Upvaishan awastha, Native will be suffering from swelling in legs, iching related skin rashes, loss of wealth. He will be very proudy and suffering from humiliation. 

3) Naitrapani Awastha – When Rahu in Naitrapani Awastha, native will be suffering from eye disease. He has fear from wicked man, wild animals, theif etc. He may be suffering from loos of wealth. He is inclinationed towards sinful acts. He is under control of women. He may be rich. He will be very cruel. He has great passions. He may be thinking about short time happiness. He may be speaking multiple languages. He has obstacles around in his treasury house. He may be suffering from disease in childhood. He may has great jeliousy for his relatives or own people or others people.

If Rahu in lagan or 7th house then it may cause many types of sorrows and difficulties. He may be suffering from piles or other secretive disease. He has fear from water.

If Rahu in 9th or 10th house then he may be always interested in traveling.

4) Prakashan Awastha –  When Rahu in Prakashan Awastha, native may be rich and religious minded. He may always go for traveling. He is fully energetic. He may be sattvic from gun. He may be Servant of government. 

If Rahu in leo or cancer sign then it may cause head injuries. 

5) Gaman Awastha – When Rahu in Gaman Awastha, Native has many kids. He will be scholar, rich, charitable and dear to King. 

6) Agaman Awastha – When Rahu in Agaman awastha, native may has hot tempar, devoid from wealth and intelligency. He may be crooked, cheep, and sensual. 

7) Sabhavas Awastha – When Rahu in Sabhavas Awastha, Native will be cheep in expense, scholar, endowed with many sort of good qualities, religious, endowed with money. 

When Rahu in lagan, 10th house, and 5th house then it may cause destruction of wife and children. He may be very fickle minded and suffering from loss of money.

8) Aagam Awastha – When Rahu in Aagam Awastha, Native will be suffering from many types of sorrows. It may cause destruction of his own people and friends. 

9) Bhojan Awastha – When Rahu in Bhojan Awastha, native may be suffering from disease related to digestive system. He may be idiot. He may be not brave in working. He will be deviod from haappines of women and children. 

If Rahu in lagan or 2nd house then even he is born in royal family then he becomes base person. 

If Rahu in 7th or 10th house, then Native will be killed his wife and creating problems in rightness ways. 

10) Nrityalipsa awastha – When Rahu in Nrityalipsa awastha in lagan then native will be suffering from great disease. It may cause problems regarding eyes. He may lost his rightness and wealth. 

If Rahu in another house then Native will be wealthy and having many sorts of property. He will be virtuous, happy,  having two wife and many sons.

11) Kautuk Awastha –  When Rahu in 5th, 7th, and 10th house Kautuk Awastha, Native will be virtuous, many sorts of good qualities. Native will be endowed with many types of wealth. He may be suffering from digestive problems related to pitta. 

If Rahu in another place, Native will be suffering from many sorts of sorrows. He has not good happiness of wife and children.

If Rahu in Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, virgo and Pisces then it is consider Auspicious and not evil effect will be predicted.
12) Nindra Awastha – When Rahu in Nindra Awastha, native will be suffering from sorrows and diseases. He has very famous Children. He will has good passion. He has many sorts of wealth. He will be proudy. 

If Rahu in 9th and 10th house then native may be wandering every where due to provety.

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