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Astrology Classes

Astrology Classes

I am happy to announce New Batch Of Astrological classes

Level 1 – Beginning Level

After writing a lots of astrological articles, so many readers pushing me to start a astrological classes based for Beginners through which we learnt in systematic ways. So finally I am deciding to start My first Batch of Astrology classes. After running many succesful batch.

Now again i am coming with New Batch of Astrology Classes for Beginners.

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Course details — Level 1

1)Basic Introduction of Horoscopes

1)Sign and its significant

2) Planet and its significant

3) Kaalpurush concept

4) Meaning and significant of Bhav.

5)Lagan and it’s nature

6)Karak and Akarak Planet for each lagan

7) How to read a chart

8) Vishontarry Dasha

9) Horoscopes Prediction

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Way Of Classes — Classes held on WhatsApp which is currently a best social platforms.

Classes may be held on Weekends.

Course Fees — 3000rs

Course Duration – 3 Month

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Classes Starting From Next Week

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Course metarial — I am providing My PDF file for your learning.

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