Moon In Libra Sign

       Moon In Libra Sign

1)Before knowing Moon in Libra Sign we have to know about Moon the Queen of Planet and Libra Sign. As Moon is placed in 7th house sign of kalpurush so you may read Moon in 7th house. Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 7th house sign of kalpurush so you may read 4th house lord in 7th house. If we consider Moon horoscope of native then Moon is 10th house lord and placed in 1st house so you may read 10th house lord in 1st house.

2)Now let’s we lookup for anicient classical book regarding Moon in Libra Sign

Brihat Jatakam
देवब्राहम्णसाधु पुजनरतः प्राज्ञ: शुचि स्त्रीजित:
प्रांशुश्चोन्नतनासिक: कृशचलद्गात्रोअटनोअर्थान्वित:।
हीनांग क्रयविक्रयेषु कुशलो देवद्विनामा सरुक्
बन्धूनामुपकारकृद्विरुषितस्त्यक्तस्तु तैः सप्तमे।।

General meaning of this shlok of Brihat Jatakam When Moon in Libra Sign in birthchart then native will inclination towards worship or serving of God, Brahman, Sadhu. He will be intelligent and pure from heart or inclnation towards cleanness. He will be under control of women or women can be get victory over him. He will be tall in height and having long nose. He will weak by physique or having weak inner health. He will be traveller. He gets profits of wealth or money. He will be ill developed body organs. He will be experts in buying or selling. He will be famous with second popular name of God. He will be sicky by physical body. He will helping his relatives but may gets insulting by his relatives or gets separation from him.


उन्नासो व्यायताक्षः कृशवदनतनुर् भूरिदारो वृषाढयो
गोभूम्यः शौर्यसारो वृषसमवृषणो क्रियेशः।
भक्तो देवद्विजनां बहुविभवयुतः स्त्रीजितो हीनदेहो
धान्यदानैकबुद्धिस्तुलिनि शशधरे बन्धुवर्गोपकारी।।

Moon in Libra Sign in birth horoscope native will have elevated nose and broad eyes. He will have weak physique. He will have many wives(Regarding today time it may be multiple relationship). He will have many ox, cow and property (in modern concept he will have many vehicle and property). He will be valorous. Native’s oval  is just like ox. Native will be very active or skillful in work. He will be devoty of God and Brahman. He will be having many types of prosperity. He will be conquered by women. He will have sick body. He will donate grains. He will be very fickle from mind. He will be helpful for his relatives.


Moon in Libra in birth horoscope native will be an eloquent and kind man. He will be wandering nature. He Wii be glorious and clever traveler. He will be pure, courteous, lucky, and handsome.
He will be a man who gives gifts to the gods and to his people, one who worships and makes donations to saints (sadhu) and Brahmanas. He is a man who knows about buying and selling merchandise such as jewels. He will be firm from character  but who chases after women. He will be a man who knows unguents, clothing, and ornaments; a man with brightly coloured garments; a person whose anger is quick and terrible; one who is noble among his friends, but is made to suffer by his own people; a prosperous man who has very few pleasures or enjoyments.
He will be a man who is clever in finding means to increase his wealth; an anxious person who is determined in his duty; a fat man the corners of whose eyes are long and who is afflicted with misfortune; one who has a prominent end of the nose and an asymmetrical disposition of his limbs.
He will be a one whose wealth is obtained by his own effort; a man possessing women who delights in righteousness (dharma) and is an expert in the sacred traditions (sruti); a clever and grateful person who has found a protector; one who is beloved by women and dear to good men.

3)Now let’s we try to understand with available logic regarding Moon in Libra Sign. As Moon is karak of Mind and it is placed in Libra Sign so native mind have impact of Libra natural significant. Libra is a movable sign and also airy by nature so Libra is itself very fickle in nature and Moon is also fickle so native have fickle mind and he may be restless from mind. He will be very moody. They also try to balance any matters because they don’t be compromised a little bit just like scale.

4) Due to airy nature they are easily approach to any body without any shame. They will be social and easily approachable quality makes him good in sales. Moon in Libra indicating native is believes in sam and dam nithi. My means they are just away from quarrel and try to sort out matters by counseling or pricing.

5) Moon is placed in 7th house sign Libra in horoscope so native may be sensual. He will be attracted towards opposite sex. I think that’s why all sage suggested Native will be defeated by women due to his sex desires. They have fickle in Sexual activities so they interested in multiple relationship.

6)Libra in kalpurush not only 7th house but it is also bhavat bhavam of 4th and 10th house so Moon in Libra indicating native will have good comfortable life. He is gets a good charm and social respect. He will be scholar and good orator.

7) Libra 7th house of kalpurush and Moon 4th house lord of kalpurush indicating native will be traveller. Native will spent most of his time away from his motherland. He will be gets good education.

8)If we just look in Moon horoscope of native then Moon in 10th house lord placed in 1st house. So it may indicating native may be gets success through self efforts. He believes in working or in simple way he is working more and less speaking. He will be Leader from mind. He will be valorous.

9)Libra Moon sign native may be suffering from mixed dosh. Such as kapha related or vata related problems. He may have problems related with Sexual hormones. They may be suffering from mentel stress due to his fickle mind. If Moon is affiliated in Libra it may cause health problems for mother or wife.

10)Moon as karak of roop placed in Mool trikona sign of Venus which indicating native is charming by lookness. But Moon placed in 7th house of kalpurush may not good regarding physical health.

11)If you want to know more about Moon then read this link.

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