Moon In Pisces Sign

Moon In Pisces Sign

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in Pisces Sign first we have to know about Moon the queen and Pisces Sign. Pisces Sign is 12th house sign of kalpurush and Moon is placed here so you can read Moon in 12th house. As Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 12th house so you may read 4th house lord in 12th house. If we look Moon horoscope for Pisces moon native then Moon is 5th house lord and placed in 1st house so you may read 5th house lord in 1st house.

2)Now let’s we look for classical book regarding Moon in Pisces

Brihat Jatakam

जलपरधनभोक्ता दारवासोअ्नुरक्तः
समरुचिरशरीरस्तुड़्गनासो बृहत्कः ।
अभिभवति सपत्नान् स्त्रीजितश्चारुदृष्टिर्
द्युतिनिधीधनभोगी पण्डितश्चान्त्यराशौ।।

When Moon in the last sign Pisces native will enjoying others wealth and wealth related or obtained through water. He will be very attracted towards his wife and clothes. He will have handsome and even body. His nose will be prominent and head will be large. He will be won over all his enemies but won by women. His eyes is very attractive. He will enjoying wealth which is obtaining from mines or below the earth. He will be intelligent.

शिल्पोत्पन्नाधिकारोअ्हितजयनिपुणः शास्त्राविच्चारुदेहो।
गेयज्ञो धर्मनिष्ठो बहुयुवतिरतः सौम्यवाक् भूपसेवी।
ईषत्कोपी महत्कः सुखनिधिधनधनभाक् स्त्रीजितः सत्स्वभावो।
पानासक्तः समुद्रे तिमियुगलगते शीतगौ दानशीलः।

When Moon in Pisces Sign in birth chart Native will be experts in architecture or fine arts. He will have power to win over unfavorable people. He will be experts in sastra. He will have charming body. He will have good knowledge of music. He will be very inclined towards religion. He will be enjoying relationship with multiple women. He will be pleasant speaker. He will be serve for king. He will be little irritating. He will be some big position or big head. He will enjoying happiness, wealth and money. He will won by women and having very good and truthfull nature. He will be in intrested in sailing in ocean. He will be charitable.

गम्भीरचेष्टितः शूरः पटुवाक्यो नरोत्तमः।
कोपनः कृपणो ज्ञानी गुणश्रेष्ठः कुलप्रियः।
नित्यसेवी शीध्रगामी गान्धर्वकुशलः शुभः।
मीनराशो समुत्पन्नो जायते बन्धुवत्सलः।

When Moon in Pisces in birth chart Native acts will be sincere. He will be brave and experts in speaking. He will be best among men. He will be short temper and miser. He will be scholar and endorse with good quality. He will be dear in his family. He will very active in helping or serving in regular basis. He will be frequently movable. He will experts in music, dancing or singing. He will be auspicious. He will be dear to relatives.

The Moon in Pisces Sign native will be endorse with conviction, strength, truthfulness, intelligence, steadfastness, renown, and power. He will be a kind and sweet-speaking person. He will have quality of humility, generosity, and civility.
He will be a bold man abounding in knowledge and science. He will recognizes wise gurus and delights in good behavior. He will have good wife who takes pleasure in gods, Brahmanas, and guru. He will have good property. He will endorse with loveliness, beauty, and handsomeness.
He will gets delicious food and drink. He will fond of perfumes and garlands. He will be an expert in gymnastics, music, and the arts. He will be owner of gold, lands, woolens, cattle, houses, and women. He will be well dressed man and gets respected by the king.
He will be learned in the Puranas, medicines, vows, and sacrifices.  He will be interested in making workplace related to rivers and oceans. He will know the rules of action in subtle decisions regarding law-suits, policy, and calculation.
He will be fond of purity who moves swiftly and sleeps little; a very clever fellow whose teeth are small and few; a compassionate man with many enemies, friends, and wives; a diligent and virile man who is impatient of insult.


3)In my views
Moon in Pisces Sign in birth chart Native will be emotional, spiritual, romantic and selfless. He will shows care free attitude. He will be charming by looking. He may be confusing by nature. Some time they shows high level sensitiveness. He will be occult lover or fantasy lover. He may be impractical. He will be great learner through life path. He will be compassionate and music/poetry/other art lover. He will have hidden nature in the sense of open ownself. They may be alcoholic lover(not simply always jude through other indication). They may be generous. It may also possible they may become a great souls.

4)Moon is karak of mind and placed in a watery sign so native will be emotional from mind. As Pisces is also dual sign so native may be emotional moody. They may be religious, spiritual and clean from heart because Pisces ruled by Jupiter and it is 12th house sign of kalpurush and also brahman by varna.

5)Moon is placed in 12th house sign of kalpurush so native may be charming by roop(Moon is also karak of roop). They may be very good behavior regarding speaking. They may be kind and enjoying luxurious life. It may also indicating excess emotion in the native.

6) Moon is karak of mother so when Moon is placed in Pisces Native mother may be religious lady. She will be emotional and fortunate lady.

7) Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 12th house of kalpurush so native will be philosopher from mind. He will expense his money for conveniences.

8) If we consider Moon horoscope for Pisces Moon sign native then Moon is 5th house lord and placed in 1st house so native will be fortunate and gets success in his life. He will be religious person and good faith on God. He will be helpful in nature. He will be having good jujdment ability.

9)If you want to know more about Moon then read this link.

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