Moon In Virgo Sign

Moon In Virgo Sign

1)Before Knowing the effect of Moon in Virgo Sign we have to know about Queen of Planet Moon and Virgo Sign. As Virgo is 6th house sign of kalpurush and Moon is placed here so you may be read Moon in 6th house. Moon is 4th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 6th house so you may read 4th house lord in 6th house. If we consider Moon horoscope where Moon is placed in 1st house then it may be situation where 11th house lord is placed in 1st house so we may read 11th house lord in 1st house.

2) Let’s we know from classical book of astrology regarding Moon in Virgo


Brihat Jatakam
व्रीडामन्थरचारुवीक्षणगति स्त्रीस्तांसबाहुः सुखी
श्लक्ष्णः सत्यरतः कलासु निपुणः शस्त्रार्थविद्धधार्मिकः।
मेघावी सुरतप्रियः परगृहैर्वित्तश्च संयुक्ते
कन्यायां परदेशगः प्रियवचा: कन्याप्रजोअ्ल्पात्मजः।।

General meaning of this shlok is when Moon in Virgo in birth horoscope of a native  then he will be shy and lazy in behavior. His eye sight looking is awesome. He will have bent shoulder and hands. He will be happy and endorse with good quality such as sweet speaking, soft body, or in Hindi लक्ष्णवान. He will be truthful and experts in different arts such as singing, dancing, writing, poetry, painting etc. He will be experts in sastra or well knowledgeable in different types of knowledge. He will be religious and intelligent. He will experts in arts of sexual activity. He will gets others house or real estate property and others man wealth. He will go to others country or forigen land or away from home land. He will be very sweet speaker. He will have more girls children and less boy children.


स्त्रीलोलो लम्बबाहुर् ललिततनुमुखश्च चारुदन्ताक्षिकर्णौ
विद्वानाचार्याधर्मा प्रियवचनयुतः सत्यशौचप्रधानः।
धीरः सत्त्वानुकम्पी परविषयरतः क्षान्तिसौभाग्यभागी
कन्याप्रायप्रसूतिर् बहुसुतरहितः कन्यकायां शशांके।।

General meaning of this shlok is when Moon in Virgo in birthchart native will be very interested to flirting with women. He will have long hands and attractive body and face. He will have beautiful teeth, eyes and ears. He will be scholar and respectful teacher and religious person. He will be very sweet speaker. He will be truthful and having quality of cleanness. He will be intelligent and kind for living beings. He will be interested in others matters. He will be forgiving disposition. He will be enjoying good fortune. He will have more daughters and don’t have more sons ( boy).

32. When Moon in Virgo in birthchart native will be eloquent, sweet, and courteous man. He will be handsome  in looking and longing for women. He is intelligent man who delights in all people.
He will have knowledge of singing, music and he will have gracefulness, laughter, politeness, generosity, love, and honor in behavior.
He will be stranger to swords and weapons and is afraid of battles. He will go for traveling. He will be get honored. He will practices many deceits. He will not anger for long duration.

3)In my opinion
Moon in Virgo sign native will be shy in behavior. He will be intelligent but sensitive.His working style is slow or seems to lazy but he is dutifully. His hearts containing secrets. He is perfection lover and wants a clean surrounding. His looks is attractive and very good communicator. He is soft spoken person and in same time he is very argumentive or logical. His voice is just Shrill and may have psychological problems due to extreme sentiment specially when any body hearted him.

4)Moon is karak of mind and it is placed in dual and earthy sign so native is practical but moody. Mercury is enmity with Moon so Moon in Virgo may cause some kapha related problems. Again Moon in enemy sign may cause Problems related to Mother, this also due to Kaalpurush 4th house lord placed in 6th house of kalpurush.

5)Moon in Virgo sign indicating native may be traveller or lives away from mother land because Moon is 4th house lord and placed in 6th house and also aspects 12th house from 6th house. So sage suggested Virgo Moon sign native interested in Pardesh(forigen) traveling.

6)Virgo Moon sign native may be happy or materialistic from Mind. It is because in Moon horoscope Moon is 11th house lord placed in 1st house. Native is mentality expert in all kaam subjects. But they may suffering from mental stress if Moon is affiliated in Virgo sign.

7)Virgo Moon sign native is naturally inclnation towards expense his money for his own comfort.

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