Queen Of Planet Moon– Know Some Thing

1)Status–Queen Of Planet
2)Lord of Rashi—Cancer
3)Full aspects 7th from his position
4)Excellention @ Taurus, higher degree of excellention is 3degree
5)Debilitation @ Scorpion @ 3degree
6)Mool trikona rashi falls in Taurus between 4degree to 30 degree.
7)Own rashi is cancer
8)Friend planet —Sun, Mercury
9)Neutral planet—Venus Saturn Mars Jupiter
10)No planet is consider enemy for Moon
11)Day rules is Monday
12)Rithu rules Varsha Rithu
13)Moon is consider Watery planet
14)Moon is contain Sattava Gun
15)Moon is related to Vaishya Varna
16)Moon is related to Multi legged (Bahupad) Vashya
17)Moon is Organic,vegetation/Mula Planet
18)Age–Maturation age–24 year,

Personified Age is 70 year,

Age durations 0 to 4 year
19)Dosh– Kapha and Vatta
20)BodyPart- Blood and Face
21)Moon indicating New cloths
22)Moon indicating White Colour
23)Moon direction is Northwest
24)Moon indicating Short distance(In classical One Yojans)
25)Moon indicating Salty Flavors
26)Moon rules White flower, Night and water blooming flower(such as Lily), Oily Tree/sap
27)Moon Food is Rice
28)Moon indicating Circle Shape
29)Moon heights is Short
30)Metals—Bronze, Silver and Pearl
31)Moon Glance is Straight a head
32)Nature—Benific when Waxing other wise malefic
33) Rising method– Back First method
34)Natural karak of—Mind, Emotions, Senses and Mother
35)Nithi–Moon rules Dam(pricing)Nithi
36)Sex–Moon is feminine(female)
37)Moon indicating Suitable Partner
39)Temper –Moon is Changeable and Fickle
40)Place—Watery place, Aquariums, Beaches, See, Ocean, River, Docks; Houseboats, Ships, wells, Women residence, Hospital, Hotel, Motels ,Nests, Public place, Nests, breweries ,Nests
41)Profession—Trade in water Products, Fish, pearls, Coral, sea products, Agriculture. Live stocks, Fashion ,Clothing, Work Related to women, Travel, Food, Hospitality, Industries, Public
42)Psychology—Emotional, Resptivity, Sensitivity, Imaginations, Good Memory, Sound Habits, Over Reaction, HyperSensitivity, Conditioning, Inability to respond, Difficulty Getting touch with feelings
43)Diseases- Lethargy, Drowsiness, Lung problem, Mouth problem regarding teast, Blood related illness, Digestive problem, water Retention, Mental problem, Tension, blood pressure,  negativity, depression,

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