Ketu— Destroyer Of Materialistic World Planet


             ketu dev
1)Status –Asure
2)Aspects — Some Says 5th and 9th from own  Position, Some with Aspects according to rashi where he sits means rashi dristri
3)Lordship – No lord ship of any rashi but Behave like lord where he sit during Own Dasha

4)Excellention –Sagittarious rashi
5)Mool trikona rashi –Pisces rashi is consider as Mooltrikona of Ketu. Scorpion is own rasi
6)Friend ship–It is consider same as Mars. But Sun and Moon is consider enemy of Ketu
7)Vashya–Bahupad (Multileged) Creature
8)Varna– Mlecchas
9)Direction–South west
10)Distance– Sort(In classic 7Yojans)
11) Body part–Legs
12)Shape –Just like a Flag on the Pole
13)Nature–Naturaly Malefic
15)Rising method—Back First
16)Glance–Upward Glance
17)Gun –Tamasic or Tamo
18)Sex– Neuter
20)Relation–Paternal grand father
21)Age– Maturation age–48 year,

Age durations–69 to 108 ,

Personified age–Old man upto 100 years
22)Psychology–Universality, Impressionability, Idealism, Intuition, Compassion, Spirituality, Self-Sacrifice, Eccentric, Fanaticism,  Explosiveness , Violence, emotional tension, immorality, Iconoclasm, Impulsiveness, Etc
23)Place– Same as Mars, Spiritual place, Water place, emotional place,Healing place
24)Profession – Same as Mars,Spiritual knowledge jobs,Philosopher,Pujari in temple and other work,And mostly depend on where he sits
25) Ketu is planet which explore inner truth or matter of person.
26)Ketu indicating Bitter/harsh truth.
27)Ketu is natural Karak of Spirituality.
28)Ketu represent disattachment from materialistic(Sansarik sukh) world.
29)Ketu have power to increase inner self knowledge.
30)Ketu is planet of concentration Towards any matter.
31)It is always written Ketu is just like mars but main purpose of this is melefic behaviour of ketu is same as Mars.
32)Ketu method of punishment is very dangerous and with huge of pain.
33)Ketu shows his results very quickly.
34)Diseases —Hysteria,Epidemics,Skin problem, emotional tension @ very high stage, etc, depending on chart . But prime karak of accidents like matter or cutting like problem.
35)Dashavataras- MATSYA/MEEN Avatar


यदि आप हिन्दी मे पढ़ने चाहते है तो इस लिंक पर क्लिक करे ।

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