Lord Of Kaliyog Wealth Venus

1)Status–Advisor(Related Desire)
2)Lord Of Rashi—Tarush(Vrish) and Libra(Tula)
3)Aspects–7th from Own Position
4)Excellention— Venus get excellent @ Pisces(Meen) rashi @ 27 degree
5)Debilitation–Venus get Debilitated @ Virgo(Kanya) rashi @ 27 degree
6)Mooltrikona rashi— Venus Mooltrikona rashi falls in Libra(Tula) From 0 to 15 degree after that venus own house
7)Gun–Venus is Rajas(Rajo) Gun Planet
8)Nature–Natural Benific(subh) Planet
9)Element–Watery Planet
11)Vashya–Dipad(Two legged Creature)
13)Direction–South east
14)Distance–Long(in classical 16 Yojans
15)Height– Average(Medium)
16)Dosh–Kapha and Vata
17)BodyPart–Sexual organs ,Pelvis,Seman ,Ovum
19)Session–Vasant Rithu
20)Color–White and Variegated
21)Cloths–Strong,Durable and well decorated
25)Nithi–Sama(Good Counselling)
27) Natural Karak —Spouse, Life partner,LUXURIOUSITY,Vehicle,Marrige,Desire,Wealth(Laxmi),Beauty,Art,Music,Bed pleasure,Any matter which Countain Luxuriousity, Some time Food Teste.Beauty in Voice, Any women related matter,Etc.
28)Age–Maturation age–25 year,Personified age–Teen ager of 16 Year ,Age Durations–15 to 22 year
29)Flower and Tree– White lotus,FLOWERING TREE,Fragrant tree,Fancy Tree and Flower,White Sandalwood,Blossoms,Perfume making flower and Tree,Garden Flower,Cotton,Silk
30)Food–Beans,Cruds(Dahi),Fancy and Exotic Vegetables,Fruits and Berries,Grouse berry,Fruits Juice (Naturaly sweet and Sour);Refined Sweetener (Candy,Glucose,Suger,Connections etc),Luxurious food and Wine/liquors,Exotic Spices,Flour,Mental pleasure satisfactory Food or Liquid,
31)Rising Method–Head First
32)Tempor–GOOD,Easly going,Accommodating,Pleasure,Emotinol but balanced
33)Friend—Saturan and Mercury
34)Neutral–Mars and Jupiter
35)Enemy—Sun and Moon
36)Union–Suitablepartner, Union with Women
37)Place—Bedroom,Pleasure and amusement place,Theaters,Restaurant,Beauty Salon,Art gallery,Music and Dancing hall,Fashion related Area,Clubs,Elegant shops such as shopping Malls,Opera,Symphony Halls ,
38)Profession—Women related jobs,Animals related jobs(such as Cow,Horse),Agriculture jobs;Acting,Modeling,Dancing,Musician,Writter,Or any other art related jobs,Poetry, Fashion designer,Jewelry designer,Advisors,Counselling workers, Romance and beauty related jobs,Perfume industries,Silver ,Cotton and Slik related jobs,Glamour ,Charming, Related representative Jobs
39)Psychology—Affection,Attraction towards opposite Genders,Love,Sociability,Gentleness,Harmony,Romance,Balance Sentimentality,Friendliness,Elegance,Gracefulness,Laziness,Vanity,Sexual corrupt,Lack of taste,(Bad only when venus is affiliated)
40)Disease—-Disorder in sexual organs,Sexual problem,Day dreaming,Over attraction toward sexual matter,Psychological problem related to sex or opposite Gender,Urinary problem.,Any other problem related to sexual organs, Loss of Taste, Looking problem related to body charming/Loss of Bodily Luster
42)rulling diety-Sachi devi

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