Accelerating Planet Of Materialistic World Rahu



2)Lordship on Sign – No lordship of any sign, but during dasha behave like lord of Sign where he placed. Some thoughts believes rahu has lordship of Aquarius sign.

3)Aspects– 5th and 9th from own position. Some also Consider 12th from own position

4)Excellent sign –Taurus (Vrishbh) sign (also I am with this consideration), Some consider Gemini (Mithun),

5)Debilitation – Scorpion(vrischic) rashi (My opinion), some says Sagittarius (Dhanu),

6)Mooltrikona rashi– Aquarius (Kumbh) is consider as Mooltrikona rashi for Rahu. Also Virgo is consider Mooltrikona sign for Rahu.

7) Friendship – Same as Saturn. Because it is consider Rahu behave like Saturn. Main Enemy of Rahu is Moon and Sun.

8)Day– Mostly Amavasya is consider for Rahu . And Saturday is also Consider due to Saturn.

9)Category – Dhatu (In organic matter,Minerals )

10)Varan – Mlecchas

12)Vashy– Multilegged (Bahupad)

13)Direction– South west

14)Distance– Long Distance(In classical 20 Yojans)

15)Shape–Line Shape


17)Glance – Downward

18)Nature – Naturally Malefic

19)Rising method – Head First

20)Gun – Tamas(Tamo) gun

21)Sex – Feminine(female)

22)Color – Black

23)Metals – Lead and hessonite Gomed

24) Union – Rahu gives union with widow and divorces partner

25)Tamper – Explosive, Eccentric, Hiddness ,Hype creator,

26)Age – Maturation age – 48year,

Personified age – Old age upto 100 year,

Age duration – 69 to 108year

27)Place – Foreign land, Alcoholic place, Fraud making place, Illegal activities place, Place belongs to Saturn

28)Psychology – Imaginations, Accelerating , Amplifier, Hidden nature, Insightness, Originality, Individuality, Independence, Confusion, Uncertainty, Escapism, Addictions, Vagueness, Illusions, Neurosis,

29)Profession–Same as Saturn, Foreign jobs, Immigration jobs, Alcohol related jobs, Drug related jobs, Occult jobs, Astrology, Juggling, fraud making jobs, surgeon(with mars), Communications jobs, Media, Films, Glamour, Modeling, and jobs according to rashi where Rahu is occupy in a horoscope.

30)Disease– Insight body disease, Hysteria, Insanity, Epilepsy, Skin Disease, conditions resulting from all sort of Poisons.

31)Relation–Rahu rules Maternal Grand parent

32)Rahu is consider as mouth of Kallparush

33) Rahu also consider as a head which rotted in all direction

34)Rahu is also consider as Maya Maker(illusory)

35)Rahu Is a planet of Good and pleasure Speaker. But in speaking who cross his limit of falseness. My means is speaking ability is Just like told lie with just a good way that no one catch his lieyness.

36)Rahu Is planet of attachment. So its gives attachment towards Materialistic world.

37)Rahu is a planet which is giving power to see insight matter of any things. So it is power to search all hidden world.

38)Rahu method of punishment is Just like sweet poison(My means sudden and without pain)

39)Dashavatar- Varah avatar

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