Commander In Chief Of Planet -Mars –Know Some Things

1)Status–Commander In Chief
2)Lord of rashi –Aries(Mesh) and Scorpion(Vrischic)
3)Aspects–7th from own position and special aspects 4th and 8th from own position
4)Mars get excellent in Capricorn(Makar) @28 degree
5)Mars get Debilitation in Cancer(karak) @28 degree
6)Mool trikona rashi falls in Aries(Mesh) from 0 to 12 degree after that its own house
7)Mars is A Tamas(Tamo) Gun planet
8)Friend planet—Sun Moon Jupiter
9)Neutral planet–Venus Saturan
10)Enemy planet–Mercury
11)Mars rule Tuesday
12)Mars Rule Grishma Rithu
13)Mars is A Firey Planet
14)Mars is also consider Dry planet
15)Mars is Masculine(male) planet
16)Mars is Khstriya Varna
17)Mars represent Four legged(chupaya) Vashya
18)Mars rules Dhanu(inorganic Matter, minerals)
19)Dosh–Pitta dosh
20)Body part–Marrow Muscles Chest
21)Age–Maturation age–28 year, Age durations–42 to 56,Personified age– Young child below School age
22)Cloths– Variegated
23) Colour– Bright Red
25)Distance–MEDIUM(IN classical 7Yojans)
26)Flavour–Pungent Flavour
27)Mars rules Red flowers ,Strong Tree/thorny tree,
28 )Mars Rules Red lentils(masur dal),Coffee,Tea,Garlic,Strong Liquors,Strong Odors planet and food,Protein rich food,Meat,Food which Excited the person Passions,Coriander,Musturd,Peppers,Chilly,Stinging-nestle, etc.
29)Shape— Just like an Hour glass
30)Mars donating upward Glance
31)Mars Rules Copper and Coral
33)Mars rising method is Feet First
34)Mars is Natural Melefic Planet
35)Nithi– Mars donating Dand(punishment) Nithi
36)Mars is karak of Strength, Power and Siblings
37)Mars is Yogkarak For Leo and Cancer
38)Tempar—Violent,Angryand Rash
39)Mars gives Union With One deformed in some way
40)Places—Firey places , place near fire,Kitchens,industry where Fire and Electricity is heavily used,Machine shop or mechanical place,Burned area,Battle field ,Military area,Police area,Fighting sports area such as boxing and wrestling,Slaughter house, Butcher house,Laboratories,Football stadium,Violation area or where people Shows there Agrasiveness and violation in physical matter,Karate,military emulation building area.In short where strength /fire needed
41)Profession—POLICE,Army,Military,Real estate,Metals and machinery ,Boxing,wrestling,Physical Fighting sports,Violence involving jobs,Heat and energy jobs,Cookery,Fire Fighter,Electricity jobs, cutting profession(butcher etc),Surgeon,Weapons Factory,Adventure jobs, Dangerous Job,Spy and thief,Harassing other jobs,Association with Wicked People, Etc.
42)Psychology—Passions,Goal directed energy,Strength,Courage,Action,Competitive and Fighting,Spirit;Anger,Irritability,Haste,Impatience,inconstancy,Lack of drive and Courage,All or nothing Attitude
43)Diseases—Over heating,Fevers,Livers complaints,Skin Rushes ,Ulcers,Laceratious,Operations,All sorts of acute complaints, Himoglobine problem

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