Moon In Gemini Sign

        Moon In Gemini Sign

1) Moon in Gemini Sign or Mithun rashi indicating Moon occupied 3rd house of kalpurush or 3rd sign of natural zodiac system. Before knowing the effect of Moon in Gemini Sign first we have proper knowledge of Moon the Queen and Gemini Sign the 3rd Rashi of kalpurush.
Again Moon is placed in 3rd house of kalpurush so you may also read about Moon in 3rd house.
As Moon is Lord of 4th house of kalpurush and placed in 3rd house of kalpurush so you may 4th house lord in 3rd house.
If we consider Moon horoscope for Gemini Moon sign then Moon is 2nd house lord placed in 1st house in Gemini sign so 2nd house lord in 1st house.


2)Now we let’s know from different classical book of astrology regarding Gemini Moon sign


उन्नास-श्यामचक्षु सुरतविधिकलाकाव्यकृद्भोगभोगीः
हस्ते मत्स्याधिपांको विषयासुखरतो बुद्धिदक्षः सिरालः।
कान्तः सौभाग्यहास्यप्रियवचनयुतः स्त्रीजितो व्यायतांगो
याति क्लोवैश्च सख्यं शशनि मिथुनगे मातृयुग्मप्रपुष्टः।।

When Moon is Gemini Sign in birthchart native will have excellent nose and dark black or shyam colour eyes. Native will be very skillful in the various forms of arts and literature such as dancing, music, poetry, etc. Native will enjoying Sexual pleasure. His palm have sign of fish(it indication regarding fish sign which is belong to Samundaric sastra). Native is inclination towards materialistic happiness. Native is very intelligent .Native is charming by look ness and fortunate. Native is jolly or pleasant in communication. Native will be get victory over women. Native will have large buildup. Native will have friendship with Neuter guys. Native may have two mothers.

Brihat Jatakam
स्त्रीलोलः सुरतोपचारकुशलस् ताम्रेक्षणःशास्त्रविद् दूतः
कुञ्चितमूर्द्धजः पटुमतिर् हास्येड़्गितद्युत वित्।
चार्वाड़्गः प्रियवाक् प्रभक्षणरुचिर् गीतप्रियो नृत्यवित् क्लीबैर्याति रतिं समुन्नतनसश्चन्द्रे तृतीयर्क्षगे।

When Moon in Gemini Sign in birthchart native will be interested in flirting with women. Native is skillful in sexual knowledge. Native have eyes just like copper color. Native is skillful in knowledge of sastra and scholar or pandit. Native will have all quality just like ambassador in old time means skilled in all sorts of communication. Native have curled hair. Native is very skilled in intelligencey and comedy or entertainment. Native is skillful in gambling and musical arts. Native is attractive from physical body constitution. Native is sweet in communication by voice. Native is interested in eating. Native loves music and skillful in dancing. Native is interested in Sexual game with neuter. Native is well developed and high nose.


When Moon in Gemini sign in a birthchart native will be clever man. Native will be sweet in dialogue and will be skilled in the meaning of poetry. Native will be eloquent and famous person, intelligent and noble person who have many and good friends.
Native will have skillful in knowledge, science, sacred tradition (sruti) or ved, poetry, crafts, music, singing, and the arts.
Native will be endowed with the qualities of courtesy, friendship, gracefulness, laughter, beauty,
and cleverness.
Native will be a handsome man whose body is symmetrical, broad and beautiful and favorite by women in account of love matters.
Native will have wide and beautiful eyes and who have sheeny lips and teeth. Native will gets pleasure in sexual intercourse with other man.
Native will be a bold man abounding in good conduct and righteousness (dharma).Native will be interested in peace, but wise in battle. Native is a man  whose dharma is intent on gods, Brahmanas, and teachers. Native will shows mixed nature to others.
Native will enjoys yummy or tasty drinks and foods and is fond of perfume and garlands. Native will knows the rules of service, but whose politeness is feigned. Native will always try to keep away from dispute as per as own capacity. Native will be sickly person but whose qualities are famous.


3)Moon is consider karak of Mind and placed in Gemini sign so native mind has impact of natural significant of Gemini sign. So native may be dual mentality and moody by nature. Native will be good communicator and friendly in behavior.

4)Moon is also natural karak of roop or physical body attraction so when Moon is placed in Gemini Sign then native will be charming in looking and attract opposite gender by their physical activity or body constitution. As they are good communicator so they are experts in flirting or sexual games.

5)Gemini sign lord is Mercury which have enmity by Moon so when Moon is placed in Gemini Sign then native may be suffering problems related to kafha such as lungs problems, breathing problems. He may also suffering problems related to neck or arms or throat.

6)Moon is placed in 3rd house of kalpurush so Gemini Moon sign native are don’t like physical workout but they are good in mental workout. Gemini is consider a intelligent sign so native are intelligence from mind. Apart from this they are good in dancing, music, and singing. They have also good Imagination capacity. They like short travel.

7)Gemini Moon sign native may be suffering regarding mother matters such as ill health of mother, thoughts differences or confusion with mother. If Moon is badly affiliated in Gemini then it may cause big issue related to mother.

8)If we consider Moon horoscope then Moon is 2nd house lord for Gemini Moon sign native so it may possible Gemini Moon sign native may be talkative.

9)If you want to know more about Moon then read this link.


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  1. Sir
    Sun being Karaka for father how does it behave when placed in 9th house from Lagna:
    1. If Lagna is Sagittarius, then Sun is in Leo own house and Moola trikona.
    2. If Lagna is Leo then Sun is in Aries where it is exalted.
    3. If Lagna is Aquarius and Sun is in Libra where it is debilitated.

    Basically I want to understand behaviour of any Karaka planet in the Karakatva house as exalted,debilitated, and in Moola teikona house.
    Please discuss this aspect for Beneficial and Malefic plants separately.

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