Moon In Cancer Sign

Moon  In  Cancer Sign

1)Moon who is consider Queen among 9planets and Cancer is 4th house sign of kalpurush so before knowing the Effect of Moon in Cancer Sign we have to know about Moon the Queen of Planet and Cancer the 4th house sign of kalpurush. As Moon is placed in 4th house of kalpurush which is also own sign of Moon so we have to just checked Moon In Fourth House. Again Before Going to topic we have just read articles which may be useful for better understanding regarding Moon in Cancer so just checked Forth house lord in 4th house . If we consider Moon horoscope for Cancer Moon sign people then Moon is first house lord and placed in first house so you may read First house lord in first house.


2)Now let’s we lookup for classical book of astrology regarding Moon is Cancer Sign. So just starting from

Brihat Jatkam

आवक्रद्रुतग: समन्नतकटि: स्त्रीनिर्जित: सत्सुहृद्
दैवज्ञ: प्रचुरालयः क्षयधनै: संयुज्यते चंद्रवत्।
ह्रस्व: पीनगल: समेति च वशं  साम्ना सुहृद्
वत्सलस्तोयोद्यानरत: स्ववेश्म सहिते जात: शशांके नर:।।

General meaning of this shlok is when Moon in Cancer Sign in birth chart Native will be  walking very fast and having well developed waist. Native will be under in control of his women  or women ruled him or in Hindi “जातक स्त्री के वशीभूत होगा”. Native have good friends and he will be a person who knows gods or who have knowledge of hollybooks or a astrologer. Native will have a lots of house or building. Native will have unstable wealth just like Moon is unstable in Sky means up n down regarding financial matters. Native is short in height and having stout neck. Native is honourable in his words. He is likes by his friends or interested in friendship. Native is like to entertain in water or garden.

Moon in Cancer Sign in birth chart of a Native then he will be fortunate and full with braveness. He have happiness through friends and will be travel lover. Native have astrolical knowledge and will be sexual. He will be grateful. He will be lord of land(actual word used is क्षितिपति) and secretary or minister. He will be truthfull and lives aboard. He will be full with craziness and he have hairy body. He will be fond of water and flowers. He have interested in making houses, garden and wells. Native have prominent neck.

Moon in Cancer Sign in produces a wise man of clear speech who knows about poetry. He will be kind and helping person.  He will be intelligent man who have knowledge of many sciences.
He will be suffering from many troubles and pains. He will have good passions. He will be a impatient regarding any losses( both physical and financial). He will gets honor for his speeches. He will be a polite man  who give respect to gods, Brahmanas, and teachers. He will be an intelligent and well dressed person who is lucky with women.
He will have few clothes in his store-room or on his body and one who is frequently seized by gains and
losses (means suffering due to unstable wealth condition some time very much and other time very few). He will be dear to his mother’s allies and he has good relatives. He gets honored by people, friends, and servants.
He will be puppet of women and he will be short temper and whose feet are broad and fleshy. He will have good quality regarding friendship, honor, love, and respect. His behavior is just like pennon who is fond of music and singing and who love to laugh.He will gets pleasure in the water and loves his children.
He will be diligent and prosperous man. He will wants to traveling a lots and wants to live in water. He will be a steadfast person and having
many wives. He will be a glorious man who delights in living in many places. He will be doing well in many activities.

3)Regarding astrolical point of view Moon in Cancer Sign consider good because Moon is placed in own sign so both Moon and Cancer will well produce own natural significant. As Moon and Cancer both are sattvic in nature so native will be sattvic from mind. He will be liberal and kind and interested in helping people.

4)Moon and Cancer both are watery by nature and Moon is karak of mind so native will be emotional and short temper. He will be passionate from outer showcase. He may be suffering from kapha dosh.

5) Moon is consider a very fast moving planet and Cancer is also a movable sign so native will be very active from mind and activities. His body language may be shows some motion. Native will be very fast from mind. He will be travel lover and moody in behavior. Native will be fickle by nature but as Moon is well placed so it may be possible reducing side effects of fickleness.

6)Moon in cancer sign and fourth house of kalpurush chart indicating native may gets happiness of friends and relatives. He may be owner of so much lands. He may gets benefit from meternal side.

7)Moon in cancer sign indicating native may have scientific thoughts. He may gets good education. Native will be sensual from mind.

8) Moon in cancer sign indicating native may get social fame and reputation. Native will be famous for his kindness and logical speech.

9)Moon as lord of 1st house of Moon horoscope of cancer Moon sign native so native is arrogant from mind. He is assuming ownself as boss. Native is hardworking man and very active.

10)If you want to know more about Moon then read this link.

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