Moon In Second House

                                                   Moon In Second House

1)Before Knowing effect of Moon in 2nd house we have to know effect of Moon and 2nd house.

2)Second house generally belongs to our wealth, speech, face, eyes, family. So Moon in 2nd house effect all this matter according to their natural significant. Moon belongs to fair look, Moon is changeable, Moon has respective in nature, Moon belongs to getting difficulties in touch with other.



3)Moon belongs to fair look so Moon in 2nd house native has natural beauty in face, looking attractive, natural charm in face just like Moon. Afflicted moon in 2nd house gives problem related to face but moon must be afflicted other wise moon is indicating charming face.

4)2nd house belongs to eyes and Moon is also a karak for eyes so if moon is afflicted in 2nd house native may has problem regarding eyes.

5)Moon in 2nd house is indicating native may has sweetness in speech. They are speak in respective ways. Moon is a watery planet so they also speak like sensual or sentimental type. Moon is also changeable in nature so they are changeable in speech. Some time it is also seen they are speak less. This behavior regarding speech make them less social or create a unsocial type image in society.

6)Moon in 2nd house gives native to happy family life. They have large family. Native is enjoying a good and comfortable happiness. Native and theirs family may getting fame and may be rewarded in society.

7)2nd house moon is also indicating Native may get helping through friends or native may has friends who help him. Moon in 2nd house is also indicating native and their family may getting help through Woman.

8)Moon in 2nd house is consider good regarding wealth. But as per as natural quality of moon it is indicating native may has changeable financial conditions. But native may be wealthy. If full moon is in 2nd house native may be very rich. Moon belongs to woman so native may getting wealth from help of woman.

9) Moon in 2nd house is indicating, native will has good comfort of foods.

10) Moon in 2nd house is indicating native has some natural artistic talents.

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