Sun In Cancer Sign

         Sun In Cancer Sign

1) Sun is lord of 5th house of kalpurush and Cancer Sign is 4th house rashi if Kalpurush. So before knowing impact of Sun in Cancer Sign we have to know about Sun the boss and Cancer Sign. As 5th house lord of kalpurush Sun is placed in 12th from own house ( 4th rashi kalpurush )so you may read 5th house lord in 12th house. As Sun is placed in 4th house of kalpurush so you may also read Sun in Fourth House. Apart from this we have to also know that Sun and lord of Cancer Sign is Friends to each other. So it is good for both   regarding placed in own friends sign.

2) After reading all this we know about what are suggested by different classical book about Sun in Cancer Sign.

Brihat Jatkam —
When Sun is placed in Cancer Sign then native is sharp(तीक्ष्ण), angry, poor, inclination to do others works, suffering in his traveling or in his life paath(पथक्लैशे, so it may be either trouble or sorrow in his traveling  or sorrow in his life paath).

When Sun in Cancer then native hates own man but works for  under in other man. Native talks stupidly and having lack of determination regarding action. Native cannot stand in one place and delighting in drinking. Native have many types of miseries and suffering from labor or servants. Native don’t stand on his speech, his place, his region. Native hates his father and don’t gets so much physical comfort through women or wife. Native may be suffering from disease related to kapha and Pitta.

Saravali —
Native will not steady in Mind in respect of his undertaking. Native will be famous for his royal quality. Native hates his own man and unfortunate in respect of his wife or having ugly wife. Native himself will be looking good. Native will be suffering from phlegm (kapha) and bile(Pitta) related disease. Native may be suffering stress regarding labor. Native will like intoxicant (drinks ,मादक). Native will be following religious principal. Native is honourable and eloquently. Native may be geographer or atmosphere scientist. Native will hates people of parental sides and very steady.

Jatak Parijat —
Native will be ignorant.(क्लेशधीरज्ञः so I think it’s meaning is suffering from sorrow and lack of passion).


3) Sun is karak of soul and its placed in a watery sign and 5th house lord in 4th house for kalpurush so  it may indicating native may be religious or spiritual from soul. Native have inclination towards get peace of mind through spirituality.
One other meaning of  this placement is native may have inclination towards drinking or other things for getting pleasure of mind but it’s applicable when Sun is affiliated by any other planet. Because both(Sun and Cancer) are Satva gun in character.

4)Sun is fiery planet and Cancer is watery sign so native may be suffering from Pitta( fire +water indicating Pitta) related problems. After from this Cancer Sign indicating Kapha related problems so Sun in Cancer indicating Kapha related problems.

5) Sun in Cancer if badly affiliated by others planet then it may cause heart, lounge,  related problems.

6)In kalpurush chart Sun in 4th house doesn’t consider good because Sun in 4th house of kalpurush loss its directional strength. So Sun in Cancer may indicating native may have lack of self confidence. Native may be suffering regarding taking a decision or always  suffering from doubt. Sun is karak of self confidence and it is placed 12th from own house. Further meaning of this placement is native have expense his wisdom.

7) Cancer belongs to Mind of kalpurush so Sun in Cancer indicating native may be angry and steady in behavior. But Cancer a Movable sign so Sun in Cancer indicating native don’t be steady so much time for a matters. Sun is donating  personality of native so Sun in Cancer indicating native don’t be steady in his actions(speech, work, place, etc). As Cancer is watery sign so native may be emotional person.

8) Cancer is belong to domestic happiness and when Sun is placed in Cancer it is not so good regarding domestic happiness. Native may be suffering regarding happiness of servants ( servants is belong to Saturn and Sun is enemy of Saturn). Means native may have misunderstanding regarding servants. It may also not happiness through women or wife. But Sun in Cancer may indicating native may have friendship from authorities.

9)Sun in Cancer Native may be liberal, kind and philosopher from inner hearts.

10) In simple words Sun in Cancer is good regarding Satvagun matters, but not good regarding Fire and water character, It is good regarding placement of a fixed nature Planet in movable sign which reduced some fixablity effects of Sun. Rest depends on House lordship of Sun.
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