Phaldipika Chapter 2 Part 10

      Phaldipika Chapter 2
  Part 10     Shlok 25 to 27

Shlok 25 —-

If a child is born in day time then
Sun is Father, Venus is Mother, Moon belongs to maternal aunts and Saturn is paternal uncle.

If child is born in night time then Saturn is Father, Moon is mother, Sun is paternal uncle and Venus is maternal aunts.

Again Mars belongs to younger brother and Jupiter elder brother. Mercury is adopted child.

Sun belong to right eyes and Moon belongs to left eyes.( As both Sun and Moon is consider eye karak planet so it can be easy to determine  particular eyes which may be influence).

Shlok 26—
  Moon is karak of body(देह) and Sun is karak of soul (देही).
Mars and other 4planets rules over five senses.
Sun and Mars is karak of eye sight.
Moon and Venus is karak of taste.
Mercury is karak of smell sense.
Jupiter is karak of hearing of speech.
Saturn, Rahu and ketu is karak of touch sense.
Enemy of Sun and Moon(Rahu, ketu and Gulika) will cause trouble for body and soul.

Remarks—  We can guess sense defects through above description.

Shlok 27 —
Waning Moon, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, ketu is Paap grah (malefic planet). When Mercury with above those papi planet then he is consider as papi planet.

( So rest are auspicious or shubh planet means waxing Moon, Venus and Jupiter. But waxing Moon with paap grah also treated as papi planet).

Mercury, ketu, and Saturn is consider impotent planet.
Moon, Rahu, and Venus is female planet.
Sun, Jupiter, Mars are male planet.

Remarks– This may be used in decided gender of children.

Rudra is deity of Sun.
Amba is deity of Moon.
Guha(it’s also known as kumara or kartika) is deity of Mars.
Vishnu is deity of Mercury.
Brahma(धातृ , the meaning of this word is creator and Brahma is creator of this universes) is deity of Jupiter.
Kamala( Goddess Laxmi) is deity of Venus.
Kala(lord Yamaraj) is deity of Saturn.
Adisesha( the serpent God ) is deity of Rahu.
Lord Ganesh (yaja ) is deity of Ketu.

Sun and Mars is belong to Fire( agni) elements.
Venus and Moon are Watery (जलीय) elements.
Mercury is belong to earth(भू) elements.
Jupiter is belong to ether(आकाश) elements.
Saturn is air(वायु) elements.

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