Sun In Libra Sign

          Sun In Libra Sign
1)Libra is debilitating sign for Sun. Also sign lord Venus is Enemy of Sun and Sun have also enmity with Venus. So it is not consider good in a horoscope Sun in Libra Sign(its just general views, don’t take so much stress regarding this factors because around 17 October to 16 November in every year Sun in Libra Sign).
As Sun is lord of 5th house of kalpurush and it is placed in 7th house of kalpurush so you may read about 5th house lord in 7th house. You may also read about Sun in 7th house.

2) After reading above articles let’s we know from different classical book regarding Sun in Libra Sign.

Jatak Parijat
Native will be devoted to acquisition of money (हैरण्यक).

When Sun in Libra sign at birth time of native , then native will be suffering from frustrations. Native will be suffering due to heavy financial expenditure and also suffering from destruction. Native will have inclination to living in forigen place. Native will be wicked or mean and heartless person. Native may be jelious and found of doing other works. Native will co-habits with others wives. Native will be shameless ,dirty and incur royal contempt. Native will be live in selling gold and other metals.

When Sun in Libra at birth of native, the native will be traveling to forigen nation. Native will be suffering due to injury, decay, disease, loss and grief. Native’s actions are hateful, low and frustrated. Native is bold man who’s inclination in trade of gold, copper, iron, Minerals. Native is a man sought after in battle. He is addicted to wealth, sacred tradition (shruti) and dharma. Native’s first wife may be dies or unfaithful.

Brihat Jatakam
When Sun in Libra sign then native will be  seller of liquor and wine . Native will also drunkard. Native will be traveller. Native will be goldsmith. Native will doing mean acts.


3) Sun is karak of soul and it is placed in his enemy and debilitating sign so native may be mean from inner heart. Native may be suffering from frustration. Native don’t have enough self confidence. Native may have criticizer in behavior and suffering from humiliation.

4) Libra is 7th house sign of kalpurush chart and its occupy a debilitating Sun so it may cause problems with wife. Native may have ego problem. It may also cause a unmatchable life partner such as differences in financial status of both family or behavior difference.

5)Libra is 7th house of kalpurush and its occupy a debilitating Sun which indicating native may have natural inclination to leave his birthplace.

6)Sun is karak of personality and its placed in Libra Sign so native may be behavior just like scale who don’t tolerance a little much. Native is very bold and shameless.

7)Sun in Libra if affiliate by others malefic then cause problems regarding bones or inner Sexual organs problems or body parts which is related to Libra Sign.
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