Sun In Aquarius Sign

         Sun In Aquarius Sign

1)Before knowing effect of Sun in Aquarius Sign we have to know about Sun the boss and Aquarius Sign. As Aquarius is 11th house sign of kalpurush so you may read Sun in 11th house. Sun is 5th house lord of kalpurush and it is placed in 11th house of kalpurush so you may read 5th house lord in 11th house. Sun is Natural enemy of Aquarius Sign lord Saturn and Saturn is also enemy of Sun.

2) Now let’s we know from different classical book about Sun in Aquarius Sign,

Jatak Parijat
When Sun in Aquarius Sign native will be devoid from fortunes of sons etc. Means native may haven’t happiness through children or may suffering from lost or separation from children or native don’t have sons. (It may be depending on horoscope which type of results Native may be gets, such as house lord ship of Aquarius and Sun).

Brihat Jatkam
नीचो घटे तनयभाग्यपरिच्युतो
When Sun in Aquarius Sign in birth chart then native will be mean and devoid from happiness of children, fortune and prosperity. Means native may be involving in immoral acts or having immoral behavior. Native may be suffering regarding happiness of children or separation from children or loss of children or regrading problems regarding child birth. Native may be suffering regarding prosperity matters or fortune or money matters.

हृद्राेगी बहुसत्वः सतां विगहर्योअ्तिरोषश्च।
परदाराणां सुभगः कर्मस्विति निश्चितो भवति।।
दुःखप्रायोल्पधनः शठश्चलितसौहृदो मलिनमूर्ति।
कुम्भधरेअर्के जातः पिशुनः स्यात् दुष्प्रलापश्च।।

When Sun in Aquarius in birth chart Native will be suffering from heart disease. Native will have huge strength. He will be very short temper. Native will gets fortune through others wives. Native will be hated by learned man. Native will be very active regarding his activities. Native will be suffering from sorrows and having little wealth. Native will be fraudulent and don’t have stable friendship. Native don’t look good or his personality his just like a dirty murti. Native will be  telltale and  rumors type gossip creating man.

The Sun in Aquarius Sign in birth chart produce a man of unswerving hearted, hostility, and anger; one who is not determined in actions and who talks stupidly; and who is great lover of ignoble women, a miserable man of little wealth who is poorly dressed, a fool man whose friendship turns to cruelty, an ignorant man with bad manners who don’t speak nobly, one whose fame is obtained by his good sons and by those devoted to him.


3) Sun is karak of bones and it is affiliated by placing a enemy sign Aquarius which belong to claves of kalpurush so it may cause problems related to bones of claves of native. Sun in Aquarius sign may cause problems related to abdomen and suffering from Pitta dosh. Apart from this Sun in Aquarius Sign may cause problems related to progeny due to impact on two kaam house of kalpurush and aspects on Leo sign from a enemy sign.

4) Sun is karak of personality and placed in a enemy sign Aquarius so native may be very fierce in nature ( Sun is a firey planet and Aquarius is a airy sign and both are fixed from nature). Sun is a sattvic planet so it is affiliated when placed in a tamsic sign  so it may indicating improve of tamas gun. That’s mean Native may have lower grade mentality and fraudulent regarding money matters (Aquarius sign also rules profit house). 

5) Aquarius Sign is affiliated due to placement of a enemy planet so its effect native profits and friendship. So native may not have good profits or little wealth and don’t have good friendships. If badly affiliated then it may cause loss through government or authority and suffering due to his higher level friends which may become enemy of him.

6) Sun in Aquarius Sign may cause heart related problems because Sun is karak of heart and placed 8th from cancer sign which is karak sign for heart in kalpurush chart.

7)Sun in Aquarius Sign indicating native will be lose his wealth due to speculative activities. It may also indicating native have inclination towards making profits through his knowledge(because lord of knowledge house of kalpurush placed in  profit house) but profit making may be suspected.
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