Sun In Pisces Sign

      Sun In Pisces Sign

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun in Pisces Sign we have to know about Sun the boss and Pisces the emotional sign. Pisces is the 12th sign of kalpurush so you may read  Sun in 12th house. Sun is 5th lord of kalpurush and it is placed in 12th house of kalpurush so you may read 5th house lord in 12th house. Again it may be a good position if Sun is placed in own friend Jupiter house also Sun is a just a house away from own excellent sign.

2) Let’s we know from different classical book of astrology regarding Sun in Pisces Sign.

Brihat Jatkam
तोयोत्थपणयत्रिभवो विनिताद्यतोअ्न्तये।
When Sun in Pisces in in a horoscope Native will earn wealth through products from water such as pearls, conch, agriculture fruits belongs to water, etc. Native will be fondled by women or honour or loved by women.

सुहृदां संग्रहशीलः स्त्रीप्रीत्या लब्धसौख्य संभारः।
प्रज्ञो बहुशत्रुध्नः सुखोदयी भवति धनकीर्त्या।।
सत्सुतभृत्याप्तसुखो जलपण्यधनः सुवागनृतवादी।
ऊर्जितगुह्यरुगार्तो बहुसहजो मीनसंस्थेर्अ्के।।

When Sun in Pisces in horoscope Native will be friendly or good hearted man. He will have inclination regarding acquisition. Native will have attachment regarding women. Native will gets happiness.
Native will be learned or scholar. He will destroy his many enemies. Native will have be wealthy and name and fame.
Native will gets happiness from good sons, servants and wife. He will obtaining wealth through products of water or rivers. Native will be speaking eloquently but his words will be full with lies.
Native will be suffering due to disease of private parts. He will have many siblings.

The Sun in Pisces produces a meritorious man who have many enemies and allies, one whose wealth is obtained through merchandise from sea. A man who rises up from loss and is famous for his wealth and bodily appearance.
One who is very sad because of the suffering of his wife, a wise and powerful man with many brothers. One who is affectionate to his friends and elders and speaks well, a man who desires exercise, one who is affiliated by disease of the gentians.

Jatak Parijat
श्रीमान् तोयकृषिक्रियादिभिरिने
When Sun in Pisces in birth chart Native will be honorable and he will be prosper by water related activities or agriculture which is based on irrigation.


3) Sun is karak of personality and placed in a watery and friendly sign pisces which belong to emotional, romantic and spiritual sign so native may be emotional and romantic person. As Sun is karak of soul and it is placed in spiritual sign so native may be spiritual by personality. Native have great from heart.

4) Sun is a firey planet and placed in a watery sign so it may cause Pitta related disease. And if Sun is affiliated in Pisces then it may cause problems related to bones of legs because Sun rules bones and Pisces Sign rules legs. It may also cause problems or disease related to private parts of native.

5) Sun in Pisces Sign which is 12th house of kalpurush indicating native will have many enemies but native have capable to destroy his enemies. Native don’t be a fair mind personality may be suffering from confusion.

6) Sun in Pisces Sign indicating native may have imaginative personality. Sun is 5th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 12th house of kalpurush which indicating native may have inclination towards bed pleasure. Native have naturaly attractive personality which attracts women. But as Sun is sattvic planet it may possible native’s soul may have more attract towards getting spiritual happiness.

7)As 5th house lord in 12th house(if well placed, and in this case Sun is placed in friend sign) indicating native may intelligent regarding expense so native will be wise regarding spending money. Also it may indicating native will have good sons(सत्पुत्र).

8) Sun have great impact on native livehood so native will be earnings through water related things. Such as sea, river, water related products etc.

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