Know Some Simple Facts Of Cancer(Karak) Rashi

          Cancer Sign


1)4th Rashi Of Natural zodic system
2)Lord Of Rashi—-Moon
3)Nakhshatra—– Punarvasu Last pad(4th pad), 4pad of Pushya ,4pad of Ashlesha
4)Nature — Movable
5)Element — Watery Rashi
6)Direction— North
7)Place—-Pond, well, Rivers, Pools, Restaurants, Laundromats
8)Method of Rising— Back rising
10)Bodypart— Chest
11)Heights—- Medium/Average
12)Sex —Female
13)Fruitful rashi
15)Varna– Brahman
16)Vashya—- Jalachar
17)Jupiter getting Excellent in Cancer
18)Mars getting Debilitation in Cancer
20)Own house For Moon
21)Friend Planet— Sun, Jupiter, Mars(when Forming Neech bhang Rajyyog)
22)Neutral Planet —Mars(when Forming simple Neech Bhang)
23)Enemy Planet — Mars(when Debilitation) ,Mercury, Shani,  Venus
24)Behavior— Emotional, Sensitive, Home Lover, Shy(because lover of own Protection), Moody, Soft from inner Heart but hard for outer showcase, Traveling Lover


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