Leo The King–Some Simple Facts

              Leo(Singh) Rashi

1)5th Rashi of natural zodiac systemPicsArt_10-22-05.34.29
2)Lord Of Rashi —-Sun
3)Nakhshatra—-Magha 4pad, Purbphalguni 4Pad, Uttaraphalguni 1pad
4)Nature— Fixed Rashi
5)Element—-Firey Rashi
6)Direction— East
7)Place—- Mountains, Caves, Forests, Jungles, High Place, Deserts, Difficult area
8)Method Of Rising—Head-rising
10)Body Part—UpperPortion Of The Abdomen down to the naval
13)Barren rashi
14)Vegetable or Semi-Sentient Rashi
17)Mooltrikona rashi of Sun up to 20degree and last 10degree Own House
18)No planet is Excellent and No planet is get Debilitation
19)Friend Planet—-Moon,  Mars, Jupiter

20)Neutral Planet— Mercury

21)Enemy Planet—-Venus , Saturn
22)Behavior—Strong, Proudness, SelfConfidant, Charismatic Personality, Very Ambitions, Independence Liker, Behaviour like King, CleanHeart, Adventurous, Jealous, Ill Tempar, Dangerouse when violent, Lazy but when getting Aggressive then in fullway ,  Lookness in Crowd

23) Strength at day time


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