1)9th Rashi Of Natural zodiac system
2)Lord Of Rashi—Jupiter
3)Nakhshatra— Moola 4pad, Purbashada 4pad,  Uttaraashada First pad
4)Back Rising Rashi
5)Element– Firey Rashi
6)Nature– Dual Rashi
7)Direction– East
8)Heights– Average/Medium
9)Sex– Male
10)Dosh– Pitta
11)Body Part–The Thighs and Hips
13)Vashya–First half dipad and second half chtuspad
14)Place–Villages, Town(city),Treasuries, Military Post, Temple, State Residence, Estate, Easily accessible highly Place, Safe Place
16)Animals/Fully Sentient

17)No Planet is Excellent in Sagittarius
18)No Planet is Debilitation in Sagittarius
19)Mool trikona rashi Of Jupiter up to O degree to 10 degree after that Own rashi Of Jupiter
20) Friend Planet—Sun, Moon, and Mars
21)Neutral Planet– Saturn
22)Enemy Planet–Mercury(but not always some time Its gives good results also indicating religious thinking and broadminded) and Venus(but not always it is also give luxuriously Matter and good Life)
23) Behavior—-Philosopher, Broad Minded, Great sense of Humour, Clear thoughter , Truthful, Harsh Argumentative, Great Listeners and great speaker, Hurtful speaker, Excessively Frank, Modest, Quick Anger, Inflexible, Good learner, Ambitious, Religious, Spiritual, Optimistic, Aimed towards their LAKHSHY ,Experimenters, Adventures, Lucky, Popular in own circle, Don’t open there emotions, Leaders, Independence, Lucky regarding wealth.
24)Strong in night and satvic gun

25) Colour–darnk yellow

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