Sun In Sagittarius Sign

        Sun In Sagittarius Sign

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun In Sagittarius Sign first we have to know about Sun the boss and Sagittarius Sign. Sun is placed in 9th house of kalpurush so you may read Sun in Ninth house. Sun is lord of 5th house of kalpurush and placed in 9th house of kalpurush so you may read 5th house lord in 9th house.

2) Let’s we know about Sun in Sagittarius Sign according to different classical book

Brihat Jatakam
When Sun in Sagittarius Sign in birthchart native will be truthful, respectful, rich, angry (actually word used in Sanskrit text is तीक्ष्ण),doctor or medical professional or knowledge regarding medicine, artisan or architecture ( actual word used is कारुक).

When Sun in Sagittarius Sign in birthchart then native will be wealthy, dear to King, learned and  respecting God and Brahman. Native is skillful regarding use of weapons, arrows, and elephant (in modern day war vehicles) and also capable to give training of above war skills. Native is skillful in dealing of matters. Native is honorable, always wants peace, be rich , be energetic and helpful for relatives. Native will possess a broad and beautiful physiques.

The Sun in Sagittarius sign in birthchart native will be a great man who is honoured by kings. Native is famous and cleaver regarding his scientific knowledge. Native is wise and courteous person who is qualified for litigation. Native is a quiet man who is hospitable to God’s and Brahman. Native is honorable among good men.  Native is getting happiness in benefitting his relatives. Native is wealthy and noble courageous leader. Native is handsome man who have tall and broad physique.

Jatak Parijat
When Sun in Sagittarius sign native will be honored by all( सम्पूज्य).


3) Sagittarius sign lord is Jupiter and Sun both are friend to each other so it may be a good factors that Sun is placed in own friend sign. After that Sagittarius is consider a royal sign a Sun is a royal planet so it is consider good to a royal planet placed in a royal sign. The only one mythical consideration regarding Sun in Sagittarius is that the time(those month) when Sun is Sagittarius Sign Dev goes to Patal lok to fighting with Danav and it is consider as Kharmas or malmas  or inauspicious months regarding auspicious occasion. So regarding this mythic Sun in Sagittarius is not so much auspicious speacily muhurat purpose.

4)  Sun is karak of personality and when Sun is placed in a royal sign Sagittarius which is also luck house of kalpurush Native will be royal and noble person. Native will be broad minded and having great sense of humour. Native have clear thoughts and philosopher type personality who is able to sorts out any matters through his wisdom. As both Sun and Sagittarius are sattvic in nature so native may be full with sattavgun in his personality.

5)Sun and Sagittarius both are belongs to fire elements so Sun in Sagittarius indicating native may be very energetic and both are Kshatriya Varna so may be a natural fighter. But Sagittarius Sign rules with Jupiter so it may indicating before going to war native must try to sort out matters with peaceful ways. My means native have passions before going to war.

6) If Sun in Sagittarius Sign is affiliated then it may cause Pittha related disease.

7)As Sun is 5th house lord  and placed in 9th house of kalpurush so it is good for both 5th and 9th house because both houses is bhavat bhavam for each other so Sun in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may be very religious and honoured God and Brahman. Native may be fortunate regarding son and may be wise and famous. As royal planet placed in a royal treasury house lod sign so native may be wealthy and rich.

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