Sun In Scorpion Sign

          Sun In Scorpion Sign

1)Before know about Sun in Scorpion first we have to know about Sun the boss and Scorpion Sign. Sun is placed in 8th house of kalpurush chart so you may read Sun in Eight House. Sun is lord of 5th house of kalpurush chart and its placed in 8th house of kalpurush chart so you may read 5th house lord in 8th house.

2) Let’s we know about Sun in Scorpion Sign according to different classical book

Jatak Parijat
When Sun in Scorpion native is courageous (साहसी).

Brihat Jataka
क्रूरः साहसिको विषार्जितधनः शस्त्रान्तगोअ्लिस्थिते।
When Sun in Scorpion in birth chart  then native will be cruel, short temper, adventurous, daring in action. Native will be earn through poison related works. Native will be suffering through weapons, loss of wealth through thieves, or skillful regarding weapons.

When Sun in Scorpion in birthchart Native will be wicked, cruel and unfaithful man who becomes violently angry. Native will be dependent on bad women and have dispute due to greed, jealousy and lies. Native is just like fool man who don’t have purity in quality and behavior. Native is an arrogant man who is quarrelsome. Native’s body is suffering attacks of poison, fire, swords and blood injury. Native shows improper behavior to his parents. 

When Sun in Scorpion in birthchart Native will have an incompatible lust for war, be away from vedic or religious path, be a liar and dunce man. Native will have base ,wicked wife or lost of wife. Native will be cruel and be attached to mean women. Native will be irascible, will follow bad course, be a miser , be found of promoting quarrels, be troubles by weapons, fire and poison, be unfortunate in respect of parents.


3) Sun is a fiery  planet and it is placed in a watery sign so it may cause Pitta and Kapha related disease(depending on horoscope).

4)Sun is karak of personality and it is placed in Scorpion sign so native may be emotional with firece behavior. Native may be emotional violentic or short temper. Native may be quarrelsome and rough in speech. Native may be hidden or suspicious type person by personality. Native may be lover of adventure or bravery full research work.

5)Sun is karak of father and its placed in 8th house of kalpurush so it may cause misunderstanding with father. If Sun in Scorpion is affiliated then it may cause bad for Father other wise it may cause a suspicious nature of father in views of native. (You may also read First house lord in 12th house regarding Father karak Sun in 12th from own karak house).

6)Sun is 5th house lord of kalpurush and placed in 8th house of kalpurush so it may indicating in views of kalpurush chart Native may be revenge taker mentality and untruthful or corrupt in nature. If well placed in horoscope then native may be spiritual. It may also indicating interested in occult or hidden knowledge.

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