Mercury In Leo Sign

           Mercury In Leo Sign

1) Before knowing the effect of Mercury in Leo sign first we have to know about Prince of Planet Mercury and Leo the king. As Leo is 5th house sign of kalpurush and Mercury is placed here so you may read Mercury in 5th house. As Mercury is lord of 3rd and 6th house of kalpurush and placed in 5th house so you may read 3rd house lord in 5th house and 6th house lord in 5th house.

2) Let’s we know from different classical book regarding Mercury in Leo sign

Brihat Jatakam
When  Mercury in Leo sign in birthchart native will have dispute or enmity with women. He will be devoid of wealth, happiness and children. He will be traveller and will be fool. He will be interested in flirting with women. He will be insulting by own  man.

When Mercury in Leo native will be devoid from wisdom. He will be famous in world. He will not truthful in his words. He will have little memory. He will be wealthy. He will not sattvic. He will be kill his siblings. He will be not fortunate regarding women. He will be independent and doing bad and immoral acts. He will be interested to serve others just like servants. He will be against his own man. He will be get favor from others.

Mercury in Leo sign in birthchart produce a man having little memory and he have no knowledge and artistic talents. He will be devoid of energy, strength, steadfastness and good conduct. He will be liar dishonest in the world. He will be unlucky regarding women. He will be a servant without Independence who looks like a women and no children. He will be gets delights in the disgusting acts and takes pleasure in the vicious member of the families of kings.

3)Mercury is karak of thinking and when it is placed in a firey and fixed sign native may be firey mentality and having fixed thoughts. He may be speak harsh and angry in communication. He just thinks own self just like King and very independent by thoughts. He is very ambitious by thoughts.

4) Mercury in Leo sign indicating native may be very tricky by mentality. He may be more interested in speculation such as stock market. He may be learns sastra.

5)Mercury in leo sign indicating native may be very argumentive by mentality. Native don’t have a good mentality, such as he may be inclined towards frauds, bad acts(due to 6th house lord placed in 5th house of kalpurush).

6)Mercury in leo sign indicating native may be work as orator, or such type diplomat jobs for King or government or higher organizations.

7)If you want to know more about Mercury then read this link.

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