Mercury In Scorpion Sign

    Mercury In Scorpion Sign

1)Before knowing the effect of Mercury in Scorpion sign we have to know about Prince of Planet Mercury and Scorpion Sign. Scorpion is 8th house sign of kalpurush and Mercury in placed here so you may read Mercury in 8th house. Mercury is lord of 3rd and 6th house of kalpurush and placed in 8th house of kalpurush so you may read 3rd house lord in 8th house and 6th house lord in 8th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Mercury in Scorpion sign.

Brihat Jatkam
When Mercury in house of Mars in birth chart native will be fond of gambling. He will be interested in taking loan. He will be fond of drinking and Nastik by religious views. He will be thief and poor. He will not have good women. He will be experts in making conspiracy. He will be falsehood by nature.

When Mercury in Scorpion sign in birth chart Native will be suffering from hardworking(means hard work but less profit or no profit). He will be suffering from sorrows and disaster. He will be jelious regarding nobel men. He will be devoid from truth and rightness (dharma). He will be shameless. He will be fool and don’t have good conduct. He will be greedy by nature and make sexual union with wicked women. He will be involving in giving cruel punishment. He will doing be fraudulent and base or wicked activity. He may be non productive regarding progeny. He will be suffering from debts. He will be friendship with base man. He will be intrested in charity of other man things.

Mercury in Scorpion in birth chart indicating native will be suffering from misfortune, pain,fatigue and sorrows. He will have bad character and his actions will be full with jelious. He will run such type of organization who are experts in cruelty. He will be experts in frauds. He will be greedy  man who is interested in receiving others wealth. He will have contradictory behavior and who is enemy of good man and husband of bad women. He will not have good honour and wealth. He will be suffering by debts. He will be fool and lost his rightness (sadhubad) and shameless.


3) Mercury is karak of thinking when it is placed in a watery and fixed sign native may emotional and fixed thoughts. As Scorpio is sharp and hidden by nature so Mercury in Scorpion sign indicating native may be sharp mind. He may have hidden or secretive thoughts. He may be jelious. He may be cunning by nature and also cruel by mentality.

4) Mercury is karak of speech so when Mercury is placed in Scorpion sign native may have rude and harsh speech. He may be criticiser by nature. His speech is very cunning just like poison.

5)Mercury is karak of skins so when Mercury is placed in his enemy sign native may be suffering from skin related problems such as ruff skin and skin rashes. It may cause cuts in skins.

6)Mercury in Scorpion sign is indicating native may be earnings from secret source or from hidden source of income. As Mercury is belong to tricks and Scorpion sign belong to gambling (due to 8th house lord of kalpurush) so native may be experts in gambling tricks. He may also experts in doing frauds.

7) Mercury in Scorpion sign indicating native may be suffering from mental stress. He may have hidden fears. He may also suffering stress due to blaming.

8)Mercury in Scorpion sign indicating native may be thinking just like Spy. He doesn’t have faith.  He may have desires to others wealth.

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