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Mercury In Fifth House

 Mercury In Fifth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Mercury in 5th house first we have to know about Mercury and Fifth House. So you may read this

Fifth House–house for your upcoming generation—

Prince Of Planet Mercury—

2)5th house is house for kids and when Mercury placed in 5th house it creates Bahuputra yog. Means native may have many childs. Native may lives happy with his childs.Kids of native also be good in looking and nature.

3)5th house belongs to mentality of native so when Mercury occupy 5th house native may be pleasing in nature. So native may be happy. And also try to happy others. Mercury in 5th also indicating native may have good speaking ability. Due to this quality native may be comedian,Poet or speaker.

4)5th house also belongs to intelligency and Mercury is karak of intelligency so native may be intelligent. Native may be scholar, good in learnings, Mercury in 5th house also auspicious regarding education.

5)5th house also belongs to Mantra sakthi and Mercury belongs to good in oral ability. So when Mercury in 5th house native may be expert in Mantras pronouncing means may be Mantric.

6)5th house belongs to speculation and Mercury belongs to Tricks so 5th house Mercury indicating native may good in speculation. So native may earn through such type work.

7)5th house belongs to Vidya and Mercury belongs to Intelligency so native may be good in any Vidya. So native may be astrologer or expert in any such type Vidya.

8)5th house belongs to advisers and Mercury belongs to oratory. So native may be good orator,Minister,authority officers,diplomat,advisers,in judicial service,secretary etc.
Native may be chemist or Mathematician.

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