Jupiter In Fifth House

  Jupiter In Fifth House


1)Before knowing Jupiter In 5th house first we have to know about Jupiter and Fifth House. So you may read this

Lord of sky Jupiter—-

Fifth House—House for your upcoming generation–

2)5th house belongs to Children and Jupiter is karak of child so according to Rule Karko-Bhav-Nasaya it is not consider regarding Childbirth. If Jupiter is alone placed in 5th house then indicating late in childbirth. If auspicious planet influence Jupiter then native may have child and if Malefic planet influence Jupiter then it cause big problem.But Jupiter In 5th house good for child own self.Native child may be intelligent and wise.

3)5th house belongs to intelligency when Jupiter occupy 5th house native may be very wise. Native may be logical . 5th house also belongs to Mantra so native may be welllearned in Mantra shastra. 5th house belongs to Vidya and Jupiter is karak of Vidya so native may be good knowledge of shastra, ved and vedanga. Means native may got Vidya.So its also indicating native may have good knowledge of astrology or such type of Vidya.

4)5th house belongs to Fame when Jupiter occupy 5th house then native may have good reputation and may be famous according to horoscope.

5)5th house belongs to Mantri(who gives Mantrana(advise)) so Jupiter In 5th house native may be good advising capacity.So native may be adviser. If Jupiter is strong and well placed then native may be advisor of King or big authority. It May also indicating native may be minister.

6)5th house belongs to your faith when Jupiter occupy 5th house native may be faithful regarding God.Native may be religious because Jupiter is Religious Guru or Royal Darbar of Planet.Native may go to visit religious place.

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  1. Dear Sir , I am male , 19/04/1957/birth time 2300/East Patel Nagar ,New Delhi

    .Jupitor is ,alone in 5th house of Laguna chart.In navmansh Jupitor and Ketu in 9 th house. My Ist house of lagna chart has KETU/SUN/BUDH AND SHUKRA.

    HOW DO YOU SEE MY OLD AGE and Family.

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