Fifth House—-House For Your Upcoming Generation

Fifth House

1)Also know as Pitru Bhave/Putra Bhave/Pancham House/House of Faith/House of Memories or Learning or Knowledge.

2)5th house is 2nd Dharam trikona of your Horoscop. It is also 2nd Trinal (Kona) of Your Horoscop.

3)Karak matter—Children,Poorva Punya(Past life good Karms),Belly of body,Knowledge,Your feeling which You shows

4)Kalpurush concept–5th house is Belly(Upper abdomen) of Kalpurush and its rashi is leo.Extend it so 5th house related to Your abdomen further extend it so its belongs to Your stomach, your liver. And more depper it is belongs to Your digestive system. Further again it is related to all problem face regarding your digestive system. Fats on abdomen also related to this house. And all body parts which belongs to that portion(Belly) belongs to this 5th house.
5th house is in natural zodic is leo rashi that’s why it is connected with East Direction, Sato gun, and sun(Lord of Leo).

5)CHILDREN—5th house is natural karak house for children. Some says it is 11th from 7th house(House for your Life partner and relation between you and your partner) that’s why it is profit from Your relation in form of children. I don’t know it logic is true or false but 5th house is natural karak house for child birth. Extended it so its belongs to Your pregnancy of Mother of child. Further extended it its belongs to Your child heath. Again any happiness or Worrying through children’s also belongs to this 5th house. So this is the house for your upcoming Generation.

6)House for Feeling You shows– 5th house is 2nd from 4th house. 4th house belongs to Your mind(Chith,Soch,mentality). So 5th house is indicating fruits of your mentality. What you feel in your mind so expression of your mind is belongs to 5th house in the form of Feeling(Bhavana,Avaesh). So it indicating Your mental nature. What is Your true nature belongs to this 5th house.Further extended it so it is belongs to Your emotinol activity. Your love with some one, your Hate with some one belongs to 5th house.
Further extended feeling regarding Your religion(it is also 9th from 9th house) belongs to this 5th house. So your faith in god belongs to 5th house so Your isthdev(Workshiping lord) also belongs to 5th house. So Your religious activity belongs to 5th house . Mantra(also memory belongs to 5th house),Yantrs,Faith,Devotion, belongs to 5th house.

7) Knowledge—Memory is fruits of Your mind. What is capacity of Your mind to remember is Your memory. So memory belongs to Your 5th house.Memory’s advance stage is Your knowledge what you learnings through your memory is Your knowledge so knowledge and learning belongs to Your 5th house. Extended it so Your educational learning belongs to 5th house. Further extended it students, your teaching ability ,Your scholarship, Your advising capacity, your counseling capacity, belongs to this 5th house.Further extended it Books, Writing a book, authorship,Music(knowledge and feeling),Poetry must related this 5th house.

8)Fame—5th house is also a house for fame you may get. Why this there is two logic
A)5th house is natural house for sun as a lordship of leo rashi. Sun is most brightest planet in our universe so sun belongs to brightness.This brightness in life comes In the form of Fame. So fame belongs to 5th house.
B)Other region is 9th house is belongs fame(But here also karak for fame is sun) and 5th house is 9th from 9th house.
So 5th house is belongs to Fame it is true what ever may be logic.So how much fame you getting belongs to 5th house. So unfame also belongs to 5th house.

9)5th house is 10th from 8th house. So it is also belongs to Speculation work done by you, intuition power you shows,Tantric activity done by you,astrology,Hidden ritual working, etc.

10)5th house is also 8th from your 10th house. So it is also belongs to falls from stateship,kingdom.
Apart from this house also belongs to Political gain/loss.

11)Being 12th from 6th house so 5th house is indicating loss of your emeny. Means Gaining power, authority,etc belongs to 5th house.

12)Advise giver is called as adviser so advisers belongs to 5th house. King adviser is called Mantri so Ministerial post today belongs to 5th house. Extended it adviser of big company(M N C), other same post until low grade post which belongs to advising belongs to 5th house.

13)Past life deeds/works ,Purv Punya, also belongs to 5th house.

14)Karak planet—–
Jupiter is karak planet for 5th house regarding Children,Knowledge,Advice,Spirituality/Religious activity/Faith on God,Speculation,Previous Karms,Ministership.

Sun—For Fame

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