House Meaning According to Jatak Parijat 

1st House 

Kalpa(Time), Udaya (Rising), Adya(First), Tanu(our body), Jannam( birth), Vilagan, Hora(Time) are other Name of 1st house.
2nd House 

Vak(Speech), Artha(wealth), Bhakti(Food), Nayana(eyes), Sva (own), Kutumb(family) are other Name of 2nd house.
3rd House 

Duschikya(Our braveness), Vikram (Power or strength), Sahodara( siblings), Virya( courageous or sperms), Dhairya(stamina), Karna (ears) are matters related to 3rd house.
4th house 

Patala(below the earth), Vridhi (growth), Hibuka( koop), Kshiti ( land), Matri(friendship), Vidhya (education or learnings), Yana( Vehicles), Ambu (Water), Greha (home), Sukha ( happiness), Bandhu ( relatives) and Chatushtaya are other name of 4th house.

5th House 

Dhi (intelligencency or buddhi), Deva( deity), Raja (King ), Pitru (ancient), and Nandan (children) are belong to 5th house.
6th House 

Rog(disease), ansa (division), Sastra (weapon), Bhay(fears), Shasta (sixth), Ripu( enemy), kshata (wounds) are belong to 6th house.
7th house 

Jamitra(wife), Kama(sexual desires), gamana ( traveling), kalatra sampat( good and bad regarding wife or other meaning may be dowery), Dyuna( duniya or world), asta (set), Saptam(7th) are other name of 7th house.
8th house 

Randra( cavity or whole), Ayus (life span), Ashhtha(8th), Ran(battle), death and Vinasa (destruction) is others name of 8th house.
9th house

Dharma(religion or rightness), Guru, Shubh( auspicious), tap( meditation), Nav(9th) and Bhagya (fortune) is others name of 9th house.

10th house 

Vyapar (business or trade), Meshurana (our livehood), Madya (Middle), Maan( honour), Gyana (our knowledge), Rajsampda (King’s wealth), and karma is other name of 10th house.
11th House 

Ekadsha(11th house), Upatnya (other wife or women who has status same as wife), aya (income), Labha(profit) are other name of 11th house.
12th house 

Ripha(Suffering from disease), Vayaya( expenses), Antya Bhav is others name of 12th house.

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