House Meaning According To Brihat Parasar Horasastra

Bhav Meaning According to Brihat Parasar Horasastra 

First House

We inspected first house for Physical body constitution(देह), Roop or physical body beauty, Gyan or Knowledge, Varna means physical body colour or caste, Balabala means physical body strength or weakness, Sukh means happiness in life , Dukha means sorrows in life, and Nature.

2nd House 

We inspected 2nd house for Wealth (Dhan), Grains(Dhanya), family(kutumb), Mrityu Jalam(Cause of death), Enemy (Amitra), Metal and Gemstone(Dhatu and ratan) and all sorts of wealth.

3rd House

We inspected 3rd house for Vikram (braveness or courageous), Servant (Britya), Bhratri(Brother and relations equivalent to brothers), Updesh(advice according to rightness), traveling, and death of parents.

4th House 

We inspected 4th house for Vehicle and equivalent to vehicles, relatives and friends(Bandu), Mother, happiness and other sorts of happiness, Nidhi (deposited wealth which is not in use),  property, and home and its related matters.

5th house 

We inspected 5th house for Yantra, Mantra, Vidhya, Buddhi or intelligencency, Management ability, Putra or children, loss from kingdom and demotion from position.

6th house 

We inspected 6th house for Mama or other Maternal relatives, fears or terror, confusion or doubts(Shanka), enemy, cuts or wounds, Saas(Mother in law),  and Sauth(other wife) or just like wife (in modern context illegal relationship).

7th House 

We inspected 7th house for wife, traveling, Mad(Sexual excitement), business or trade, lost articles and death of own self.

8th house 

We inspected 8th house for Ayu(life span), enemies, forts or others invisible matters, wealth after death, Gati after death means what position obtaining by native after death.

9th house 

We inspected 9th house for fortune, brother of wife, religion,  brother’s wife and other such type of relatives, religious tour, and traveling.

10th house 

We inspected 10th house for Kingdom, Sky, profession, honour, father, living other places from birthplace for temporarily, loan etc.

11th house 

We inspected 11th house for obtaining any type of objects or profits of any objects, wife of children, income, growth and animals.

12th house 

We inspected 12th house for expenses and knowledge about enemies.

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