Fourth House—- Heart Place Of Your Horoscop

Fourth House

1)Fourth House also know as Chaturth Bhav,Sukh sthan,Matru Bhave or Matri Bhave.

2)Karak Matters—Mother,MIND(Man,Chith,Mentality),Vehicle,Property,Education,Happiness,Chest,Heart.

3)Kalpurush concept—4th house belongs to Chest of Kalpurush and Rashi is Cancer and lord of Rashi is Moon. Extended it Then its Direction is North and Gun is Saturn.

4)Fourth House is 1st Moksh sthan of Your Horoscop.

5)Karak Planet For 4th House–
Moon– For Mind, Heart, Chest, Emotions, Mental state, Mentality, In simple any matters belongs to Your Mind
Venus–For vehicle
Mercury—For Happiness,
Jupiter–For education
Mars–For Property/Real estate.

6)Fourth House is Karak house for Mind. So all matter belongs to Your Mind is belongs to this house,Pleasure of mind, Displeasure of mind,Mental conditions,Stress in mind,Peace of mind, your mentality .Extended it all problem belongs to Your mental conditions belongs to 4th House.

7)4th House is Karak house for Your mother.So all mother matter belongs to 4th House. Health of mother, status of mother,Relation between you and your mother, Nature of Your mother belongs to 4th House. Extended it Mother land,Mother home(Matribhumi),Your native house belongs to 4th House. So problem related to Your house land(Dispute regarding house land) also belongs to 4th House. Further Extended it if You want to buy a house or sell a House it related to 4th House. So your own property related to this 4th House. How much You have land or House related to this 4th House. So if You want to a property dealer or real state bussiness man it is belongs to Your fourth house. Further Extended Moon also belongs to Agriculture so Your agriculture land,Farm house,Garden,Crops,Field,Etc belongs to 4th House.
As it is Your own home so away from own house also belongs to 4th House. Lost of Your House, Your maternal property,Rental property, Rental disputes also belongs to 4th House.

8)Vehicles—Vehicles are related to 4th House. In ancient time vehicles are elephant, house,Ox cart,Donkey so that’s are belongs to 4th House. Now today Your Cycle, Bicycle, Motorcycles, Bikes,Car,Four wheeler,Six wheeler,Ten wheeler,etc belongs to this 4th House. So any matter related to Your vehicle belongs to 4th House such as how many vehicle you have, what problem you face regarding your vehicle related with this 4th House.

9)Education— Fourth house belongs to Your education specialy your school level education. In simply education upto 12th level. But that don’t mean it is not indicating your further education. A strong base is pillar for Your higher study. If You want to see higher education then you may see from 4th House.So school, college belongs to 4th House. 10)Happiness—Happiness is stage of Your mind when you feeling pleasure. So its related to Your FOURTH HOUSE. Vehicle,property, etc one form of Our comfort . So any matter related to your comfort is related to fourth HOUSE.So cloths,Sleep(Mental comfort or rest of body comfort),Perfumes,Or any pleasing material related to 4th House.

12)Moksh Sthan—True peace of mind or a stage of mental position where You feeling awesome is belongs to fourth HOUSE. Your emotional feeling of mind belongs to Your FOURTH HOUSE. Extended it First stage of spirituality belongs to Your 4th House.

13)Its is the lowest deep position in horoscop. So its is private place of Your horoscope. So private matter of Your life belongs to 4th House. Such as your silent love,Hidden activity related to Your mind/emotion related to 4th House. Democracy also related to 4th House. Friend and friendship also related to 4th House.

14) 4th House is Naturaly a water house so it may related to Your water sources such as bore well,water wells,Rain, other water sources belongs to 4th House.

15) Heart is belongs to 4th House Your heart behaviour such as kindness, Rudeness, nature belongs to 4th House.

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