Third house Power house Of Your Horoscop

Third house

1)Third house also know as Bhratru House/Trithiya house/House of communication.

2)Karak matter–Younger siblings,Communication,Strength,Short travel.

3) This is the first karam house Of Your horoscop. Also know as Dusthsthan and Upchaya house.

4)Kalpurush concept–3rd house belongs to Arms of Kalpurush. It is also neck and ears of Kalpurush.So arms belongs to 3rd house,neck and ears belongs to 3rd house.3rd house also belongs to Gemini rashi as per as Kalpurush concept. So 3rd house belongs to west Direction,Tamo gun and mercury as lord of Gemini. Extended it Arms show your working capacity, Your strength,your physical power so all matter related to 3rd house. Further extended stamina, courge,Passions belongs to 3rd house. Later extended it your no strength(Fear Genraly silent fear) no stamina no capacity means fear, Dabbupan,Non boldness is related to 3rd house.

5)Neck,Ears,Shoulders,arms,Hands belongs to 3rd house then all related problem also belongs to 3rd house. Hearing problem also belongs to 3rd house.

6)Brother and sister belongs to This 3rd house. Specialy Younger siblings. So all matter related to him belongs to this 3rd house. Problem with brother/sister/younger sibling indicating this 3rd house also good relation with them shows from this 3rd house. Partition of property with brother/sister also indicating this 3rd house(Also it is 12th house from 4th(property)house).

7)Travel house–This is 12th from 4th house(Your home). So its show away from your home. But a short jernouy. So short traveling indicating from 3rd house. Extended this planet occupy here may indicating type of your jernouy/travel. So this is a travel house of Your horoscop.

8)Dussthana—This is the 8th from 8th house(Mrityu bhav). So its also indicating your lifespan/your death. Extended it it is also 12th from 4th house(Mother house) and 7th from 9th house(Father house ) and 6th from 10th house(If u consider 10th as father house) so it is also indicating death of Your parent.

9)Communication house-3rd house is 2nd from 2nd(speech house) so its give fruits of speech which is in form of Communication. So all communication related matter belongs to 3rd house.Extended it First communication medium is our neighbors so neighborhood belongs to 3rd house.Our friends, our carjons .When you communicate you may give advise so advise belongs to your 3rd house.So all form of advise work related to 3rd house. Extended it assistance other, running companions also belongs to 3rd house.
Communication or communicating medium belongs to 3rd house so post office, railway, transport,mobile, telephone, fax,pager,internet, telephone tower,mobile tower,communication with people/mass, etc belongs to 3rd house. Actually it also indicating communication with public so all public work may relation with this.

Writing, singing,Poetry, belongs to 3rd house. So news paper, News broadcasting,Press, book house, media house,Library, other such matter belongs to 3rd house. Servant also belongs to this house.

10)It is 12th from 4th house so it is also indicating loss of vehicle,Loos of mental peace,Confusions in mind, imagination of your mind, spirituality in your mind.

11)This house is also suppose to mirror house of 9th house. So its also may indicate religious activity.(Broader concept)

12)This is Upchaya house so planet placed in here gain strength. It is also consider malefic placed in here give good results.

13)FURTHER left right consideration it belongs to right so in broder concept it is indicating right hand,Right Ear,Right shoulders,right portion of your neck.

14)Karak planet—
Mars—-For siblings
Mercury—For communication
Saturan—For servants

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