General Rules Regarding Effect Of Bhav According To Brihat Parasar Horasastra 

Condition For Improvement Of Good Fruits Of Bhav  

1)If Bhav is occupy by Bhav lord

2)If Bhav is aspects by Bhav lord

3)If Bhav is occupy by Natural beneficial planet

4) If Bhav is aspects by Natural beneficial planet

5)If Bhav lord in Yuva avastha in Lagan

Note : Avastha is five type.

Bal avastha, Kumara avastha, Yuva avastha, Vridh avastha and Mrith avastha.

In Odd sign each avastha is belong to 6° and sequence of avastha start from Bal avastha and end at Mrith avastha.

In Even Sign avastha start from Mrith avastha and end at Bal avastha.

6)If Bhav lord in Pramudha avastha in Lagan.

Pramudha avastha means planet in own best friends house.

7)If Bhav lord in Yuva avastha or Prabudha avastha either in Lagan or in 10th house.
Condition For improving Bad results of Bhav 

1)If Bhav lord in Trik houses(6th house, 8th house and 12th house).

2)If Bhav is occupy Trik lord 

3)Bhav lord with combination or Yuti or relationship (also aspects) with Trik lord

4)If in above condition and Bhav is Not aspects by Beneficial planet.

5) Bhav lord in Supta avastha 

Note when planet is placed in enemy sign or debilitating sign then it is consider Supta avastha.

6)Bhav lord in Vridh and Mrith avastha

7)Bhav lord in Pidit avastha 

Note – Pidit avastha means conjunction with planet(here we consider conjunction with Malific or enemy planet).

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