Twelve House—House Of Expense

Twelve House

1)Also know as Vyay Bhav/ Dhvadhash Bhav/Mukthi Bhav.

2)12th House is last Moksh sthan of our horoscope. Among all three Moksh place it is the strongest Moksh place. 12th House is One of Dussthan.It is also member of Trik houses.

3)Karak Matter— Expense, Moksh, End of any things, Loss, Feet, Foreign, Comfort of Bed.

4)Kalpurush concepts—12th House belongs to Feet of Kalpurush and its natural Rashi is Pisces and lord is jupiter. So it is belongs to our feet and its direction is north and Gun is Satgun. So problem related to Your Feet belongs to 12th House.

5)Expense —11th house is house for your earnings so 12th House is fruits of Your earning in form of Expense. When you earn you expense. So Expense is main karak work for 12th House. So All type of Expenses belongs to 12th House. Extended it so your Luxuriousity is belongs to 12th House. Extend it Your excess expenditure regarding earning (Means profit less expense more) also belongs to 12th House. So it is also indicating your financial losses. You have store wealth but you expense it also belongs to 12th House. Means loss of Your ancient wealth (including property) related to 12th House.You give donation to some one also expense of wealth so donation, charity, Dowry,Gifts to other(not taking only giving) also belongs to 12th House.Purchase of any luxurious items, expense on bhog and Vilas, expense on buying any things belongs to 12th House.


6)Loss¬†— Expense of any things is also a form Loss of that’s things so loss is belongs to 12th House. Loss in business, Loss of Your jobs, loss of Your any body part (such as accidents), Loss of Your independent (Means jail, arresting), Loss of Your Life(death), Loss from Life circle(Moksh), Loss of Your health (Disease) also belongs to 12th House. But Jail, arresting, moksh is Prime Karak matter of 12th House. Hospital is other one matter which belongs to 12th House.12th House belongs to last sign (rashi ) of natural zodic. So it is belongs to end of any things.

7) Comforts of Bed-–12th House is also belongs to your sexual enjoyment (Loss of Your sperm). So your enjoyment and moral character (regarding sexual matter) belongs to 12th House.So multiple relation or sex vigor belongs to 12th House.¬†Sleep is also belongs to 12th House. So all problem related to your sleep also belongs to 12th House. So sound sleep or less sound sleep or its disease belongs to 12th House.

8)Moksh sthan—12th House is a Moksh sthan and its natural zodic is Pisces which is most spiritual rashi of zodic . So 12th House belongs to Spirituality. Also being give indication regarding end of life circle which is Moksh in our vedic culture. So Moksh is prime matter of 12th House. So your spiritual wake up belongs to 12th house. Being 9th house away (9th house is house of religion) from 4th house(mind house) and 4th house(mind/home) away from 9th house(religion house) it is also give indication regarding religious status of your mind. So it is also belongs to your kindness. your soul destination after death belongs to 12th House.

9)Travel house—12th House is 9th(long travel) from 4th house(Your home) and 4th from 9th house. So it is also give indication regarding away from your home which is may be in form of Long travel from your home,wandering far away from your home, Forigen travel,or any other form of travel so 12th House is one of your travel house in your horoscop.

10) Forigen place— 12th House is prime house for any Forigen matter. So any Forigen matter related to this 12th House. So your immigration, Visa, Forigen residency, Forigen Citizenship, import & export,or other such matter which belongs to Forigen related to 12th House. Simply Forigen then it is just outer people means any matter related to outer guys related to 12th House.

11)Falls—12th House also belongs to falls. It may be in any form either physical fall (falls from heights) or social falls(Falls in your fame, your respect, Your behaviour) or professional (Your demotion,Falls in your bussiness). Misfortune also belongs to 12th House. Punishment also related to 12th House.

12)Karak planet for 12th House is Saturn regarding expense.

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