Eleventh House—Profit House Of Your Horoscop

Eleventh House

1)Also Know as Ekadash Bhav/Labh Sthan/House Of Desires.

2)11th House is 3rd Karma House Of Horoscope, It is also a Upachaya House.

3)Karak Matter— Profit, Gain, Desires, Elder Brother/sister,

4)Kalpurush Concepts–11th House belongs to Calves of Kalpurush and its natural rashi is Aquarius and Lord is Saturn. So its belongs to west direction and Tamas(Tamo) Gun. Problem related to Calves belongs to your 11th House. Further if 3rd house represent right arms then 11th House represent left arms(But don’t forget prime karak of arms is 3rd house).

5)House Of Gain—10th house represent your profession so fruits of Your profession is your earnings so Earnings belongs to 11th House. Earnings is Your profit regarding your work so Profit belongs to 11th House.How much you earn through your career belongs to 11th House. Extended it when profit belongs to 11th House so No profit also belongs to 11th House.
Also being Upachaya house its also indicating gain of strength. Any house which is with co-relation with 11th House gain there signification(Karaktav).11th House belongs to Aquarius which symbol is a pot with free flow water so it is also indicating free flow of Money or easy earn money or Money from any source.

6)House Of Desires—11th House is Prime house for your any desires, Your hopes,Your wishes. So any of Your desires fulfill or not belongs to 11th House. Prize you obtaining,Gifts,Medals,and other such type things belongs to 11th House.

7)Your Elder siblings—3rd forward from 1st house is younger siblings so 3rd back from 1st house belongs to your Elder. So 11th House is for your Elder siblings. So any matter of Your Elder belongs to 11th House. Relation between you and your Elder, age of elder,health of elder, status of Your Elder, or other such matter where you need to see about your Elder belongs to 11th House.

8)Recovery from Your illness—6th house is house for illness(disease). 11th House is 6th from 6th house so it is the Emeny house for your disease. Also it is 12th from 12th house(House for hospital) so it is also indicating loss of hospital means discharged from hospital.So 11th House represents how much time you take to recovery from Your illness. So it is house for your hope regarding illness. In the other word how much time you suffering from Your illness related to 11th House(But don’t confused here prime karak for suffering due to disease is belongs to 8th house).

9)Child wife—11th House is 7th from Your child house(5th house) so it is belongs to your child wife.

10)Enemy’s Enemy—6th from 6th house(House of enemy) so it is belongs to Your Enemy’s Enemy.

11)Matter related to Your wife—11th House is 5th from Your 7th house so it is belongs to Your lifepartner Nature. Again it is being house of your desires so it belongs to Your enjoyment from partner(5th house is also belongs to love and 11th is mirror house of 5th house).Extended it your external relation with many partner also 11th House belongs a key factore. So are you have many lifepartner belongs to 11th House. It is also belongs to Your marrige(But a little bit main karak is always 7th house).

12)Mother Longevity—Being 8th from 4th house(Mother) it is also related to Your mother Longevity.

13)Mirror of 5th house—11th House is mirror of 5th house so it is also some impact of 5th house matter. Such as Ministership(It is also just like awards),Worship Your deity, Love, Fame, etc.

14)When you lost any things then it is 11th House which indicating hope of regaining lost things. So it is also belongs to recovery.

15) Jewelry,Ornaments, gems stone, etc such items belongs to 11th House. So it is also material wealth house.

16)Karak Planet—
Jupiter—For gain,wealth,Profit

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