How To Jujde A Horoscope According To Phaldepika

Phaldepika has a full chapter regarding jujdment of a Horoscope. According to Phaldepika
1)Bhav will produce good effect if they occupied or aspected by benificial planet/own house lord/trine or kendra house lord (functional beneficial planet) and unassociated or aspected by malific planet ( but if malific planet is owner of good bhav then good fruits will be obtained)

2)But in above said condition planet will be not in debilating/ ast/inimical sign.

3)Bhav will not bring good results if they occupied or aspected by malific planet/trik house lord/ enemy of house lord and associated or aspected by with natural malific planet.

4)Bhav will getting strength if trine, 2nd, kendra from bhav will be occupied by auspicious planet or bhav lord. But that bhav must be unassociated or aspected by malific planet. 

5)Bhav will lose strength if trine, kendra and 2nd from that bhav will be occupied by natural malific or inimical planet or debilating planet or ast planet.

6)If above said bhav will occupied by both benificial or malefic planet then bhav will gives mixed results.

7)Bhav results may be destroyed if Bhav lord is occupied 8th from own self or bhav lord in debilating sign or combust by Sun or in his enemy sign and no benificial planet will be aspecting or associated with bhavlord or Bhav.

8)Bhav will not able to give good results if bhav is occupied by 8th house lord or debilating planet or ast planet or inimical planet or inimical house lord. Even planet involving in natural benificial then results be not good. If planet is Natural malific then must be effect of house will be destroy.

9) Benificial planet is placed from 6th, 8th, 12th from any bhav will not able to produce good results for that bhav. 

But malific planet is placed from 6th, 8th, 12th from any bhav may cause destruction for that bhav.

10)If Bhav lord is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house or those trik house lord is placed in Bhav then Bhav will not able to produce results. But benificial planet aspecting or associated with Bhav or bhavlord may improve this condition and Bhav will able to give results.

11) Bhav may be suffering regarding giving good results if bhav or Bhav lord or karak will be

A) Without Strength

B) hemmed between natural malific

C) associated or aspected by Natural malific

D)4th, 8th, 12th from that is natural malific planet

E)5th and 9th from bhav will be natural malific planet. 

More point is satisfied more destruction of that bhav.

12)Bhav will suffering destruction during dasha of that planet(but planet must be weak in strength) Which is

A)8th from Bhav

B)lord of 22nd drekkana from that bhav

C)planet in 6th, 8th and 7th from that bhav. 

13)Bhav will bring success during dasha of that planet (Planet must has good Strength)

A) Malefic in 3rd, 6th and 11th house from that bhav 

B) Benificial planet in kendra or trine

C) Planet who is friend of that bhav lord.

14)A)3rd house lord from the Lagna as well as the Moon,

B)the planet placed in 8th house or aspecting the 8th house,


D)the lord of the 22nd decanate, 

E)the planet owning the sign occupied by Mandi, 

F)the planets owning the Rasis and Amsas occupied by the above said planets, 

G) Weak Rahu posited in trik houses (the 6th, the 8th or the 12th) or in conjuction with or aspected by malefics.

All of above said planet may causing the destruction of the Bhava in its respective Dasa-period.

15)When Bhava is occupied by the lord of the Lagna, the prosperity or well-being of Bhava is assured. 

16)The bhav owned by the planet associated with or aspecting the lord of the Lagna that bhav effect will be pushed by lord of lagan. 

17)If the trik bhav lord  is occupied by any bhav then that bhav effect will be opposite. If planet is weak then very harmful and if planet will be strong then negative effect will reduced.

18) Lagnesh will only promote the growth of the Bhava where it is placed even it is malific planet.

19)If  lagnesh is also lord trik houses( 6th, 8th, 12th), then we give preference of lagan good effect over ownership of trik house.

For example, if Mars owning the Lagna (Aries or Scorpion) and placed in 5th house either leo or Pieces sign and be aspected by a benefic, then astrologers declare that the person concerned will be get sons very soon.

20)A planet owning two houses, then effect of Moolatrikona house will be give preference over other house.

It is considered Mooltrikona house effect will be full and other house effect will half.

During dasha of planet native will get effect of both houses.

According to one thoughts, during the dasha period of planet, effect of that bhav will experience first half which comes first in order then second bhav.

The another opinion will be the odd house effect will be first half after that effect of even house. 

21) Loss of good effect of bhav may be possible during the dasha period of planet which is very inimical (adhishatru) to a bhav lord of a particular bhav.

22)Loss of good effect of bhav may be possible during dasha of planet which house has no benificial rekha in astakvarga of that planet.

23)If any planet in Bhav sandhi then he may not capable to give results during his dasha or antardasha, even planet may be in his exaltation or may occupy a friendly house and may be endowed with strength of Shadvarga. 

24)The planets who is placed in bhav madhya of any bhav will produce full effect of that bhav.

25) When a planet is in a Bhavasandhi, then it doesn’t produces effect. 

26)In the case of planets occupying intermediate positions, the effect must be ascertained by a rule of three process.

27)We have to jujde about own self soul, father, personality, health, vigour and fortune from the Sun. 

From Moon we determines the character of one’s heart, understanding, royal favour, mother and affluence. 

From Mars we have to know about person own courage, disease, characteristic qualities, younger brothers, lands, foes and blood (paternal) relations. 

From Mercury  we can know about one’s learning, relatives in general, discrimination, maternal uncle, friends, speech and bussiness.

From Jupiter we have to know about wisdom, wealth, physical growth, sons and knowledge. 

From Venus we have to know about wife, vehicles, ornaments, love affairs and pleasures.

From Saturn we have to know about lifespan, life livelihood, the cause of death, his adversity and his servants. 

From Rahu we have to know about paternal grand-father. 

From ketu maternal grand-father. 

28)Karaka of bhav will be 

(1) the Sun – 1st  bhav

(2) Jupiter – 2nd bhav

(3) Mars – 3rd bhav

(4) the Moon and Mercury – 4th Bhav

(5) Jupiter – 5th bhav

(6) Saturn and Mars – 6th bhav 

(7)Venus – 7th bhav,

(8) Saturn –  8th bhav

(9) Jupiter and Sun – 9th bhav

(10) Jupiter , Sun, Mercury, Saturn – 10th bhav

(11) Jupiter – 11th bhav

(12) Saturn – 12th bhav

29)We have to be jujde effect of Planet in any house according to condition of planet in particular sign such as excellation, Mooltrikona, own sign, friend sign, neutral sign, enemy sign, debilating sign etc.

30) According to Satyacharya benificial planet in any house in general ways improve that house significant and Malefic will destroy that house significant. But in case of trik house , it will be reversed. Means melific in trik will be good and benificial is not good.

31)Malefics planet placed in the 6th, the 8th and the 12th houses  will improve evil effects of the Bhavas.

While benefics planet  in the trik houses cause the destruction of evil effects of said Bhavas.

Author opines  is very clear that the benefics in good houses promote their good effects and in inauspicious houses spoil their evil effects.

While malefics in good houses spoil good effect and in bad houses improve their bad effect.

32) When we jujde effect of any bhav then we assume that bhav as lagan and predict according to just like we predict from lagan onward.

33)In same manner we jujde through karak of planet. For example we have to jujde for Father then we consider Sun placement as lagan. For Mother Moon, and so on as per as karak.

34) Now for example Sun and Father

1st house from Sun – Appearance of the father of the native. 

2nd from Sun –  Father’s financial position and family.

3rd from Sun – His character, brothers  etc.

4th house from Sun – Father’s happiness and his mother. 

5th from Sun – Intelligence and Mentalities of the father.

6th from Sun – His suffering, enemies, injuries and disease.

7th from Sun – His sensuality.

8th from Sun – His longevity and death. 9th from Sun – His prosperity, religious activities of father, father’s father.

10th house from Sun – His profession.

11th house from Sun- His financial gains.

12th house from Sun-  His losses and expenditure. 

35) In same manner we may do from other Karak ,such as Mother from Moon and brother from Mars.

36)We have to jujde any matters from it’s realted Bhav, bhav lord and Karak. For example For father we have to jujde 9th house, 9th house lord and Karak Sun.

If Bhav, bhav lord and Karak is strong then we predict happiness of that matters.

37) It is assumed Sun in the 9th, the Moon in the 4th, Mars in 3rd, Jupiter in the 5th, Venus in the 7th, and Saturn in the 8th will cause distress to the houses concerned.(Karko Bhav Nasaya).

38) Lagnesh will give effects of that  house where he is placed and which house lord he is combined.

If the house and its lord be strong good results may be expected from the house. If they are weak the results will be bad.

39) We have to also jujde a bhav using Astakvarga Rekha.

A)Which house has greater number of Rekha in Lagnesh astakvarga and concern house lord will be strong and associated with Lagnesh then that bhav results will be good.

B)Which house has lower number of Rekha in laganesh Astakvarga and concern house lord will be weak then bad effects of that house will be obtained.

In same way we can jujde for all houses.

40)If a planet owns two signs one of which falls In an asuspicious position  

from the Lagna and the other in a trik house (6th, 8th or 12th), and if he occupies the auspicious sign himself then he produces good results of the auspicious houses and does not produce any adverse effects of the other signs falling in a dusthana. 

41)The following are the five recognised connections or relations between  

two planets
(1) When they occupy mutually each other’s sign.
(2) When they are conjoined.
(3) When there is mutual aspect between them.
(4) When they are in Kendra position with respect to each other.
(5) When they are in Trikona position with reference to each other.

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