House Meaning According to Phaldipika 

House Meaning According to Phaldeepika

Ascendant or 1st bhav is known as Lagan( लग्न), Hora, kalya ( meaning of this word is health), deha, udaya, akhayam ( meaning of this word is name or fame), rupa, shirsha, varthman, and janma.

Remarks– This giving indication regarding matters related to 1st house such as your birth, your current time, your body, health, your time,  your body beauty, head etc.

Second house belongs to wealth, vidhya, foods, right eyes, face, patrika( books), speech and family.

Third house belong to hard work, breast, right ears, army, passions or stamina, braveness,  physical power(विक्रम) and brothers.
Fourth house belong to home, land or property, maternal relatives, sister’s children, friends, relatives, vehicle and mother.

State(राज्य), cow, buffalo, perfume, clothes, jewelry, patal(below the earth), happiness, water,  bridge and rivers also belong to Fourth house.

Latter which is realised by signature of king(राजड़्कं) secretary (सचिव), taxes, soul, intelligence, knowledge of future, children, belly or abdominal, knowledge which is passed through generation to generation (श्रुति , it is assumed as Ved Vedanga or other classical knowledge) and memory (स्मृति) belong to 5th house.

Remarks—  According to this shlok a appointment latter by authority or government may be belong to 5th house. Any government gazette belong to 5th house. Any adviser of government or authority belongs to 5th house.

Sixth house belong to debts, arms or weapon, battles, thieves, wounds or cuts or loss of body parts, disease, enemy, immoral acts, fears and humiliation.

Jamitra (7th house other name), Chittottha ( उत्तेजना), Mada
(Sexual passion or Proudness or घमंड), Asta (set ), Kama (desire or sexuality ), Dyuna, Adhvan (way or road), Loka (people), Pati
(husband), Marga (way) and Bharya (wife) are belong to 7th house.

Mangalya( मांग्ल्य,Women happiness or fortune after marriage), Randhra(रन्ध्र, meaning is cavity but it is widely known another name of 8th house), Malina(मिलन, sexual union), Adhi (अधि,mental pain), Parabhava (पराभव,defeat or insult or demotion from position) Ayus(आयु, life span) Klesa (क्लेश,sorrow), Apavada (अपवाद,blame or scandal), Marana (मरण,death), Asuchi ( अशुची,impurity), Vighna ( विध्न,obstacle ) and Dasa (दास,servant) are belongs  the 8th house.

Remark — 8th house in female horoscope also indicating prosperity of Women after marriage.

Acharya (आचार्य, teacher, Guru),Daivata (देवता deity), Pitru ( पिता,father, ancients पित्र) Subha (शुभ ,auspicious), Purvabhagya (पुर्वभाग्य previous luck), Pooja (पुजा, worship) Tapas (तप, sadhna), Sukriti( good or virtuous act), grandson, Japa (जप,prayer) and arya vansh( आर्य वंश) are belongs to 9th house.

10th house belongs to  Vyapara (business),pada ( rank or position), Mana (honour or reputation), Karma, Jaya (जय), SatKirti (good name and fame), livelihood or profession, Vyomachara  (public conduct), Guna (quality), Pravritti (प्रवृति), Gamana (gati), command on other or order to other.

Labha (profit), Aya (income)
Agamana (आगमन), Apthi(आप्ति), Siddhi (सिद्धि), wealth or riches or prosperity regarding money, Prapthi (obtaining of money ), Bhava(Pricing), eldest brother or sister, left ear, Sarasa(anything juicy and hearing of some pleasing or delightful news are belongs to 11th house.

12th house is belongs to दुःख (misery), legs, left eye, Kshaya(क्षय, loss, decline), Suchaka (सूचक, spy), Anthya (अंत्य,last), Daridrya (poverty), Papa (पाप), Sayana(शयन, sleeping),Vyaya (expenses), Ripha, and Bandha (imprisonment or jail).
Other Considerations

3rd, 6th,12th and 8th houses are known Leena Sthanas.

8th house (अष्टम भाव), 6th house(रिपु भाव), 12th house (व्यय भाव) is known as dussthan (दुःस्थान) and rest house is known as good house ( सुस्थान).

1st house, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house is known as Kendra, Kantaka (कण्तक), and Chatushtaya (चतुष्टय).

2nd,  5th, 8th and 11th house are known as Panaphara ( Kendra from 2nd house).
3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th house are know as  Apoklima houses(Kendra from 3rd house).
4th and 8th are Chaturasra houses.
3rd, 6th , 10th and the 11th houses are called Upachaya house.
9th and the 5th are known as Trikona or triangular houses and both are auspicious house.

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