Sixth House—Shatru Bhav

images Sixth House

1) Also Know as Shhashtam Bhav/Enemy House/Service House.

2)Sixth House is 2nd Artha Trikona of your horoscop.

3)It is also One of Dussthan.

4)It is member of Trik House(6th,8th and 12th).

5)It is 2nd Upchaya house of Your horoscop.

6)Karak matter for 6th house–Enemy,Accident,Service,Hips,Debts,Legal matter,Diseases.

7)Kalpurush concepts–6th house belongs to Hips of Kalpurush and its natural rashi is Virgo and its lord is Mercury. So hips related matter belongs to 6th house. Extended it Your body back part and its problem also belongs to 6th house.
Virgo rashi indicating south Direction and Tamo gun so 6th house related to South Direction and Tamo gun.

8)Fears–6th house is 2nd from 5th house(Mental feelings) so fruits of mental feelings belongs to 6th house. Mental feelings in form of fears ,Tension, stress, belongs to 6th house.

9)Enemy house–6TH house is primary karak of Your enemy.Emeny may be in form of physical or mental both belongs to 6th house. So Your Fighting with enemy belongs to Your 6th house.Extended it physical fighting,mental fighting belongs to 6th house.Physical fighting means war,Quarrel etc belongs to 6th house. Mental fighting means argumental fighting, modern day legal fighting(Law suits) belongs to 6th house.Wining or losing in this fighting also belongs to this 6th house. So victory in war, lose in war, legal problem facing, victory or loss in legal matter, blam,dishonour,Doubts,Fears from enemy, It is possibility when your Fighting with other You may got injury so injuries belongs to 6th house . Extended it injuries, accidents,Loss of body parts, belongs to 6th house.
As 6th house is Emeny 6th from your Lagan(Your physical body) so it is also house of enemy for your body. Enemy of body is diseases so diseases belongs to 6th house. So health problem also belongs to 6th house.

10)Debts—In old age debts is also consider as enemy of person. So debts belongs to 6th house.So giving debts or taking debts belongs to 6th house. So banking belongs to 6th house. Applying loan , approvel of loan,Credit from others, debit giving by you, belongs to 6th house. Extended it Lose due to debts, bankruptcy, Good reputation in market(Due to good credit),Credit cards,debitcards, similar matter belongs to 6th house. Wrong deeds,weakeed deeds belongs to 6th house.

11)It is mirror house of 12th house so it is also indicating receiving charity, welfare work,Serving other.

12)6th house is 3rd from your 4th house(Mother house) so it belongs to your maternal family(Mother’s younger siblings). So all matter related to Your Mamaji belongs to 6th house.

13)Service house–This is also service house of your horoscop. So you serving other belongs to this 6th house. Extended this Service and employ belongs to 6th house. Trouble from Servant belongs to 6th house.In natural zodic it is Mooltrikona house of Mercury and So it is also belongs to bussiness.

14)Karak planet Regarding 6th house
Mars—For fighting,accidents, War
Saturn— For debts, diseases, trouble
Mercury–For service and bussiness

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