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Seventh House— Dara Bhav

images Seventh House

1)Also Know as Dara Bhav/Saptam Bhav/Partner house/Marrige House

2)Seventh House is 2nd Karma House. It is also Kendra(Angular) House. It is also one Marakas House.

3)Karak matter–Spouse(Life partner,wife or husband),Cause of Death,Bussiness partner,Lower abdomen poration(Including sexual organs)

4)Kalpurush concepts—7th house belongs to portion of body part which is below the navel of Kalpurush. Its natural rashi is Libra(Tula) and its Lord is Venus. So it is belongs to west Direction and Rajasic Gun.
Its indicating it is related to Your body part which is below to Your navel. So it is related to Your sexual organs,Kidneys,and other parts of body which are belongs to this portions. So all matter or problem related to this belongs to Your seventh House.

5)Dara House–Dara means wife. So its belongs to Your wife or Lifepartner(Husband or wife). So its belongs to Your Marrige. So all matter related to Your Marrige belongs to this 7th House. Timing of marrige, early marrige,Late marrige,When marrige is happen,Dispute in marrige,divorce,Separation from partner, Relationship with partner(Both mental and physical),Misunderstanding between partner,Happiness in marrige,Nature of your spouse belongs to this 7th House.Further extended it it is belongs to Your moral conduct regarding sexual activity. So it also related to Your External affairs,Multi Relationship,Sexual desires,Love breakup. What You expanse regarding your sexual desires also belongs to this 7th House.

6)Marak House—AS 7th House is 12th from 8th(House for Your life span) so it belongs to expanse of your life span(Ayu) or simply lose of your life span(Death). So it is indicating house of your cause of death. So it is Marak House. Planet in 7th House and lord of 7th house play important role in death.
Again it is 2nd from 6th house (house of disease) so it is indicating fruits of disease means Your sound health,Good health,Bad health.

7)Partner house–Apart from Life partner it is also house for Your bussiness partner.7th House is 10th from 10th house(House for Your profession) and its natural rashi is Libra(Tula) which is prime indicator for bussiness so it is related to your bussiness partner. So all form of partnering bussiness related to this 7th House such as Franchises,Chain Bussiness,Distributors of company,Share of Company,etc.

8)JOURNEYS—7th House is one of Travel house of your horoscop. It is the house which is situated most faraway from your 1st house and also opposite Direction. So it is indicating away from your birth place. Which is in one form is your travel. Also it is 11th from 9th house so it is also indicating gain of long travels. So Your long travel,Your away from birthplace, wandering from one place to other place,Journey with in journey belongs to 7th House. So far away from birthplace also related to Forigen place belongs to 7th House.

9)POLITICS—7th House is 4th from 4th house(House of democracy) and 10th from 10th house(House for kingship) so it is playing most important role in politics. How much heights you acchive into politics belongs to this 7th House. So Your political gain belongs to this 7th House. Are you inter in world politics,Country politics, .state politics,Citypolitics ,Village politics ,or other level politics this 7th House play major role.

10)Fame—7th House is 11th from 9th house and 9th from 11th house. This indicating gain in Fame and fortunes. So this 7th House also play major role in Fame of a person. When 7th House play a role in Fame then person may get big fame such like world famous.

11)Completion of Education—Being 4th from 4th House(House for education) this house play importance role in completion of your study.

12)Karak Planet—Venus is karak Planet for 7th House regarding marrige,sexual Relationship, and sexual desires.

3 thoughts on “Seventh House— Dara Bhav”

  1. Thanks for your detailed explanations about Ghuru in 7th house, please predict my future after the coming Guru’s change to 7th house for Mesha rasi

    My date of birth is 24/05/1960
    Time of birth: 0015 early morning
    Place of Birth: Chennai

  2. Sir my date of birth is 17/05/1988 birth time is 05:30 pm, place is Mysore Karnataka …pls tell me that what’s the good time to marry & how will be my life after marriage…. Please guide me

  3. Amitkumar Chaudhary

    It was gud explanation. Just want to know how bad can be mars if it is placed in the 7th house. In addition, what would be the remedies to neutralize the effect.
    Birth date – 8th Oct 1991, timing 9.20 AM, place Navi Mumbai.

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