Eight House—Mrityu Bhav

Eight House
1)Also know as Ashtam Bhave/Ayu Bhav/Hidden House.

2)This is One of Dussthan of Your Horoscop. It is also one member of Trik House.It is also 2nd Moksh sthan of Your Horoscop.

3)Karak Matter for Eight House–Life span(Ayu),Death,Hidden World such as Mystery,Occults,Spirituality, secrets, Loss,Unearned wealth,Sudden Event of Life, Battle,

4)Kalpurush Concept–8th house is belongs to external private pats of Kalpurush and its natural rashi is scorpion(Vrischic rashi) and its lord is Mars. So it is belongs to Rajo gun and its Direction is North.

5)Life span— 8th house’s prime matter is your Lifespan. How much length of Your Lifespan belongs to 8th house. So Ayu(Length of Lifespan) belongs to 8th house. Short life, long life, average life belongs to 8th house. So matter related to your Ayu belongs to 8th house.
8th house is 3rd from 6th house(House for Diseases). So It indicating strength of diseases. How much long time you suffering from illness belongs 8th house. So It is also belongs to your powerfull Emeny. Disputes,Litigation,Obstacles of Your life belongs to 8th house. War, Battle, Enemy Forts, Major accidents, Matter related to death belongs to 8th house.

6)Hidden Matter —8th house natural Natural rashi is Scorpio which Has a tail with Aerial Which indicating power to gain indication from unseen world. So 8th house related to Guessing of matter. So Guessing ability belongs to this 8th house. Extended it Purvabhas,institution, Occults science, belongs to 8th house.Mystery,Mystery of worlds and its related matter, ASTROLOGY,Hidden sadhna,Your secrets,Healing,deep psycho therapy and all other secret and hidden Matter of world belong to 8th house. Research also belongs to this 8th house. Also thiefs belongs to 8th house.

7)Loss—Death is loss of Your life. So It is also indicating loss . Loss in all matters such as your material things(Money, wealth,Healths,Property etc.), Loss of friends,Loss of partnerships, etc belongs to 8th house. 8th house is also 9th(Fortunes) from 12th(Expenses) so It is house which indicating great expenditure of Your life(Genraly unrecoveral expanse). It is also which indicating Bankruptcy,Big loans,Also it is belongs to loss of Fame that’s mean blaming you may facing, Scandals,infamy. It is also house which indicating loss from government such as punishment from gov. Institutions. It is also belongs to loss of Your mental peace means mental stress.Again in broader concept it is house of expanse of Your Fame that’s also indicating a very-Very Big Fame, extra ordinary fame, fame which is continue after your death.

8)Fears—-8th house is 6th(enemy) from 3rd(House for strength) so It is indicating Enemy of Your strength. In Genral it is represent Loss of Your strength(Both physical and mental) so It also belongs Your fears but in greater one. So all fears related matters belongs to this 8th house. So all dangerous activity related to this 8th house. Extended it extremely adventurous work belongs to this 8th house.

9)Moksh—8th house is Moksh house of Your horoscop. Death is actually Moksh(Mukthi) from your life. Extended it So spiritual matters also belongs to this 8th house. Charity related matters also related to 8th house.Mystery or miracles of world in spiritual worlds belongs to this 8th house. The person who change his religions belongs to this 8th house. Introducing a new religions to world belongs to this 8th house.Your current life deeds which is carry forward to your next birth belongs to 8th house.

10)Your sexual enjoyment belongs to 8th house.Trouble to your spouse,Wealth of Life partner,Face of Life partner, belongs to 8th house.

11)Fall from heights,Poison,Fruitless journeys,Journeys over oceans, Sudden event of Your life such as sudden gain,sudden lose belongs to 8th house. Gambling and other such type matter belongs to 8th house.

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