Sixth house Lord in 5th house

      6th house lord in 5th house

1)Before knowing effect of 6th house Lord in 5th house we have to know about Sixth house and Fifth house. As 6th house Lord is placed 12th from own house you may read this First house lord in 12th house.

2)6th Lord in 5th house is not consider auspicious for the native because its indicating native may have face problems in this life due to his past life deeds. Or in simple native may facing problems to obtaining fruits of past life good deeds.

3)5th house belong to children and 6th house is belong to enemy, disease, dispute etc. So 6th lord in 5th house indicating native children may be suffering from health problems. Native children may be weak in physical strength.
If there is chain indication in all family members chart then it may be considered Pitru Dosh. Effect of this is native  may have disease from birth or this may continuously pass in all generations.
Other wise 5th Lord in 6th house is not well placed then its  indicating native children may be death because 6th Lord is also Marakesh for 5th Lord regarding children.

4)5th house belong mentality and 6th house belong to quarrel or fighting or argument so 6th Lord in 5th house native may quarrel some or argument maker in behavior.
If 6th Lord is well placed in 5th house then native is very intelligent in argument and good judgment ability.
If 6th Lord in not well placed then native have low intelligency. Native don’t able to doing right decision.
It may also possible Native inclination regarding physical workout in place of mentally means बुद्धि के स्थान पर बल का प्रयाेग करेगा .

5)5th house belong to faith on religion so when 6th house a dussthan Lord is placed in 5th house then it may possible Native don’t have faith on God. As 5th house belong to smriti( our memory or our traditional thoughts ) so it may possible Native don’t believe on traditional law. Native may involving in criticism regarding faith or God.

6)6th house belong to mamaji and 6th house lord placed in 5th house indicating native mama ji may be fortunate. Native may gets profit from  mamaji. It may also cause Native may be adopted by his mama.

7)5th house belong to minister or such type of authority person and 6th is belong to enemy so 6th Lord in 5th house may cause enmity with powerful person or authority.

8)When 6th Lord with 5th Lord in 5th house it may indicating native may have dispute with his children and father. Native may have suffering from dishappiness from government officers. Native children or native own self suffering from disease. Native don’t have good mentality. He may not successful in his Sadhna(Mental progress regarding religion or spiritual matters).

9)If you want to know about effect of planet in 5th house you may read Planet in 5th house.

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  1. To some extent , the 6L in 5H is good or bad: It can be judged only on the basis of lagna only. For Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius lagna natives, 6L in 5H is not good. All negative results and any good, depends on 5 Lord only for them. For other lagnas, 6L in 5H is Good and will not reap bad results.

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