Mercury In Libra Sign

       Mercury In Libra Sign

1)Before knowing effect of Mercury in Libra sign we have to know about Prince of Planet Mercury and Balancing rashi Libra.
Libra is 7th house sign of kalpurush so you may read Mercury in 7th house. As Mercury is lord of 3rd and 6th house of kalpurush and placed in 7th house sign of kalpurush so you may read 3rd house lord in 7th house and 6th house lord in 7th house.

2) Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Mercury in Libra sign

Brihat Jatkam
When Mercury in house of Venus native will be teacher or one who gives lesson to others (Acharya). He will have many sons and wives. He will be always inclination towards earn wealth. He will be charitable or donar by nature. He will be inclined to serve guru or his elders. He will be pleasant or sweet behavior.

When Mercury in Libra sign in birth chart native will be inclined towards fine arts or architecture knowledge. He will be fond of arguments or conspiracy. He will be very cleaver in his words or speech. He will be loves to expenses freely. He will be doing business in various direction. He will be honorable to wise man, guests, God, elders or guru. He will be skilled in his behavior regarding others. He will have good mentality. He will be a patriot. He will have fickle by nature. He will be roguish or vicious. He will be some time shows short temper or some time peaceful.

Mercury in Libra Sign in birth chart indicating native will be fond of craftsmanship and debates. He will be cleaver in speech but having dishonest behavior. His service is false or only for show-off. He will be cleaver in business with using tricks. His thoughts are good and doing business in many places. He will be experience much losses, misfortune and waste. He will be devoted to all the commands of elders, brahmans and Aryans. He will be accepted by them and is attached to Gods.

3)Mercury is our thinking mind and it is placed in a movable and airy sign so native may be fickle from thoughts. He may be thinking very fast.

4)Mercury in house of his friend Venus so native may have good and pleasant speech. He may be shameless in communication by other because Mercury in airy sign which gives easy to approach any where.

5)Libra and Mercury both belong to business community so Mercury in Libra sign indicating native may be a natural business man quality. He may be experts in buying and selling. He may be more materialistic approach. He may also be experts in business tricks.

6) Mercury in Libra sign indicating native may have fair look and his wife may also fair look. It may also cause argument with wife. It may also cause lack of happiness in sexual relationship with partner.

7)Mercury in Libra sign indicating 3rd house lord of kalpurush placed in 7th house so it may possible others people may gets benefit from him. Native may be high sexual desire or sexual imbalance.

8)Mercury in Libra may cause native wife may be intelligent and cleaver but may be weak regarding health side.

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