Dhan Bhav Second House Of Horoscop

Second House

1)Second House Is 1st Arth trikona of Your horoscop.

2)Karak matter regarding 2nd house Is Speech,Wealth,Eye sight,Face,Food,Family members(Parent side) and Marak(Cause of death)

3)Kalpurush concept–Its belongs to Face of Kalpurush. And its significant rashi is Tarush and lord is venus. So its also belongs to south Direction and Rajogun. Extended this then 2nd house belongs to Your face,Your Nose, your mouth, your throat, your teeth,Your Eyes.

4)Second House Is after 1st house in anticlock Direction .1st house belongs to your birth then 2nd house belongs to ur sustenance of your birth.So we needs food for our body. So food is related to 2nd house. Extended this food belongs to taste so taste related to your 2nd house.

5)2nd house belongs to Your Child hood learnings. Means starting basic education such as style of talking,Oral Teaching of words,and what we learnings in now in playschool.If we extended this such as way speech is belongs to 2nd house then old traditional style of learnings by oral method belongs to this 2nd house(Old way of learnings religious activity/astrology/any other traditional activity which passes through oral form in next generation.

6)Speech is donated by 2nd house. So ability of speech,quality of speech, Power and beautiness in speech is belongs to 2nd house. Extended this Selling and buying capacity, Attracting other through speech,Truth fullness,Untruthfullness,Fulfillness of promise belongs to 2nd house.

7)2nd House belongs to wealth. So Your accumulated money is belongs to your 2nd House.How much wealth you deposited in Your whole life is belongs to Your 2nd House.Wealth earn by self and family wealth is belongs to 2nd House.Extended this wealth obtaining through close friend or person closed to you is belongs to 2nd House.Navrathn, nine Grains,jewels,metallic wealth is also belongs to 2nd House.

8)Second house is karak house for your eyes. So eye sights belongs to 2nd House. All eye sights problem belongs to 2nd House. Further in extended form it is belongs to Your right eye.

9)Marak house—2nd House is 12th from 3rd(House of longevity) and 7th from 8th house(Prime house for life span). So its belongs to cause of death. So it is Marak house. So its indicating your illness,Your enemies, how you faces problem regarding your health etc(But it is extended matter all matter may related to other house )

10)Writing,Poetry,Singing,SPEAKER,Food posing,lose of taste,skin problem,Voice problem,Eye problem,Luster of face,Relationship with family,Loss of your parental wealth, all belongs to 2nd House(some is directly or some is indirectly).

11)Karak planet regarding 2nd House matter
JUPITER–For wealth
Mercury—For Speech,Skin
Sun—Prime karak for eye sight
Moon—Secondary Karak for eye sight
Venus—Third karak for eyesight
Venus—For Luxuriousity or enjoying your wealth

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